Richest Kids In Nigeria 2022 And Their Net Worth

RICHEST KIDS: While talking about the richest men and women, Richest Musicians in Nigeria, their children should not be left out of it. today we will talk about the 5 richest kids in Nigeria 2022 and their net worth.

Oooh, I know some people will be thinking of seeing our famous Amarachi or Emmanuella as the first, but  you will be seeing other kids before them.

The first kid on the list is

Top 5 Richest Kids In Nigeria 2022 And Their Net Worth

5 Richest Kids In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

He is the son of a famous Nigeria businessman Mr. Ismaila Mustapha, whose net worth is estimated to be $500 million naira according to, his photos and his update are only posted by his father Ismaila Mustapha because he is still a kid . he is very lucky to be the richest kid in Nigeria.

5 Richest Kids In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

He just 11 years old but his talent and music tours are giving him millions of naira. He signed a huge contract with K -nation entertainment in 2016, he performed as the in-house  DJ of the label. This deal brought a lot of cool cash to this young star making him come up on the list of the richest kids in Nigeria.


As young as he is, he started making waves on the stage as early as when he was just 8, his songs have made him so rich and popular. Bosco writes his own song, records his own hits, and show them off on the stage, it was revealed by the Austin media that his net worth is estimated to be  150,00 U.S  dollars.


She is just 14 years old and she has made a lot of money for herself. When she won Nigeria’s got talent in 2012, she was given a start prize of 10 million. After that, she continued developing her talents and also taking part in many shows, which is why she is among the richest kid in Nigeria. Her network is estimated to be 100,000 u.s dollars.


Unless you are not in Nigeria, you must have heard one or two things about this wonderful comedian. Ever since she started her youtube skit several years ago, her videos and her comedy kits became very popular. Emmanuella is believed to have a role in the upcoming Disney movie. Her net worth is estimated to be 25 million naira.