Banana And Its Health Benefits You Should Know

Banana And Its Health Benefits. Some people are actually looking at this particular fruit called banana, if only they know the health benefits of bananas, they will consume it on a daily bases.

Well in case you still need proof or reason why you should consume banana every day, here are the incredible benefits of eating banana.

  • HIGH FIBRE CONTENT: this particular fruit is very high in fiber, ( soluble and insoluble). The soluble fibre helps to slow down the digestion process, this will help to keep you feeling full for a very long time. this is also the reason why it is always included in breakfast.
  • HEART HEALTH: it is no doubt that food rich in fibre will help to keep the heart in good shape. It is therefore advisable to consume more of Banana because it can help reduce lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and also heart disease.
  • EASE DIGESTION: have you noticed that this particular fruit has both sweet and sour taste? The sweet content of banana aids to bring out a sense of heaviness but the sour taste bring out the Agni ( the digestive juice) which supports digestion.
  • Banana And Its Health Benefits You Should Know
  • POWERHOUSE OF NUTRIENTS: it is loaded with different kinds of nutrient like calcium, magnesium, iron, B6 , all these vitamins helps to keep the body growing and glowing.
  • HIGH SOURCE OF POTASSIUM: the high potassium content of banana helps in regulating the heartbeat, blood pressure and also keeps the brain alert.
  • HELPS FIGHT ANAEMIA: the iro content of banana fruit makes it recommended for people suffering from anemia.

These are the five major nutrients gotten from eating/ adding banana to our meals. It helps fight against so many things in the body, especially heart-related issues, therefore it is highly recommended to consume this fruit at least 3 times a wee