Best Secondary Schools In Lagos 2022

There are many secondary school which are presently located in Lagos State. Most of these schools are doing well more than others both National and International. We have moved round many Secondary Schools in Lagos and this has enabled to give you the List Of the Best Secondary Schools In Lagos. Meanwhile, we have written an article on the best secondary schools in Abuja for those who resides in that area

Best secondary Schools in Lagos. 2022

  • British international School Lagos

Established in 2001, British international School Lagos (BIS) is viewed by the instructive local area as of the top optional schools in Lagos state. Also, as its name connotes, it is run utilizing the English style educational program with a blend of the Nigerian educational plan. BIS is a co-instructive school for young men and young ladies, enlisting understudies between the ages of 11 to 18. British International School [BIS] is the Best Secondary School In Lagos on our List of the Best Secondary Schools in Lagos.


best secondary schools in lagos

Address: 1 Landbridge Road, Oniru Private Home, P.O. Box 75133, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Green Springs

Following up is Green Springs, another private co-instructive foundation established in1985. Green Springs gloats of sufficient offices, qualified educators, and considerate care staff, guaranteeing your kids appreciate the most amazing quality training available anywhere. Green Springs is the second on our list of the best secondary schools in Lagos 2022.

Address: 32, Olatunde Ayoola Road, Anthony Lagos

  • Lords School Lagos

Lords School Lagos holds its place as one of the most seasoned world class schools in Lagos. KC is a Government sex explicit school for young men. Established in 1909, KC gloats of helpful boarding offices and huge homerooms for its understudies. The school additionally has phenomenal games offices, keeping your kids fit and boosting their sportsmanship. Lords School is number 3 on our list of the best secondary schools in Lagos 2022

Address: No. 3 Catholic Mission Road, Lagos Island, Lagos.

  • Crown School

Crown School is evaluated among the best auxiliary schools in Lagos. Established in 1955 with a primary school, Crown school works as a gathering and has essentially developed over the long haul. Today, the school brags of an optional school and a school of instruction and still keeps on growing. Established in 1992, Crown Auxiliary School is co-instructive, selecting kids between 10 to 16 years old. Crown School is number 4 on our list of thebest secondary school in Lagos.

Office Address: 72, Raymond Njoku Road, Off Awolowo Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

  • American Worldwide School

Established in 1964, American Worldwide School moved to its current 6 sections of land site in 1981. Similarly as the name means, the school educational program is organized utilizing the American arrangement of training and acknowledges expenses just in Dollars. The school is a private co-instructive school conceding understudies of all identities from preschool to the 12 evaluations. Additionally, the school runs the international Baccalaureate Association (IBO)programs. They Are Number 5 on our list of the best Secondary Schools in Lagos.

Address: At the rear of 1004 Government Bequest Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Sovereigns School Lagos

Sovereigns School Lagos (QC), the sister school to KC, can’t be left off this rundown of the best auxiliary schools in Lagos. It is a Bureaucratic optional school claimed by the Nigerian government very much like it’s sibling school. Established in 1972, QC is a tip top young lady’s school with boarding offices, reasonable conveniences, tight security, and experienced instructing and care staff. Sovereigns School Lagos is number 6 on the list of the best secondary schools in Lagos 2022

Address: Birrel Road, Onike, Lagos

  • Lekki English Worldwide School

The Lekki English School is among the main optional schools in Lagos. Established in 2000, Lekki English Worldwide School works utilizing the English arrangement of instruction that lucky men your kid with the conventional English foundation and ethics. It is partnered with the Chamber of English Global Schools (COBIS). They are number 7 on our list of the best secondary schools in lagos.

Address: Victoria Arobieke Road Off Office of the chief naval officer Way Lekki Stage 1. Lagos.

  • St. Gregory’s School

St Gregory’s School is another of the best auxiliary schools in Tidal pond this rundown. It is a chief catholic school that was begun in the year 1928 as a school for young men. The essential focal point of the school is to prepare amazing pioneers that dominate altogether everyday issues. St Gregory’s School is number 8 on our list

Address: St Gregory’s School Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

  • Chrisland School

Chrisland School began in 1977 as a co-instructive school in Opebi Ikeja, Lagos. It is one of the top optional schools in Lagos with its exceptional school personnel and school conveniences. This school gives better training than your kid, and its best understudies are given grants as an impetus.

Address: 26, Opebi Street, Ikeja

  • Tidal pond School

To wrap things up, in the best 10 best auxiliary schools in Lagos is Tidal pond School. This exclusive school began in 1995, as a young lady’s school in the Lekki region of Lagos. The school has around 500 understudies with completely utilitarian study halls and lab offices. Furthermore, has up to 60 very much prepared educators and non-scholastic staff. They are number 10 on our list of the best secondary schools in Lagos.