Biggest Churches in Nigeria And Their Capacity 2022

Biggest Churches in Nigeria And Their Capacity. If there is something that Nigerians don’t joke with, Religion should be number one. Nigerians has two major religion which is the Christians and Muslims. In this post we will only be focusing on the Christians because we will be talking about the their place of worship and the capacity. Don’t get it wrong, we are talking about the biggest Church in Nigeria and not the one that has many branches.

Biggest Churches in Nigeria And Their Capacity

If it is about branches, no one can be compared to roman Catholic Church. When it comes to having branches in Nigeria, Roman Catholic Church is the one with the highest branches and biggest congregation in Nigeria

Biggest Churches in Nigeria And Their Capacity

1. The Hand of God Auditorium (120,000 Capacity)

The Hand of God hall is home to the service of Pastor David Ibiyeomie who is the main leader of Salvation Ministries, in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

2. Glory Sanctuary Dome (100,000 Capacity)

The Glory Sanctuary Dome is the world’s second-greatest church hall on the planet, yet the way things are at the present time, it very well could be number one in light of the fact that the first on this rundown hasn’t been finished completely.

3. Faith Tabernacle (50,000 Capacity)

Faith Tabernacle amphitheater is the world’s third-biggest single church hall and it ought to be noticed that is utilized to be number one on this rundown before the finishing of these two new ones directly above.

4. International Gospel Center (35,000 Capacity)

The International Gospel Center is the fourth-biggest limit on the planet and it’s nothing unexpected that it is additionally in Nigeria and situated in Warri, Delta State.

5. Deeper Life Bible Church Auditorium (30,000 Capacity)

The Deeper Life Bible church amphitheater which is one of the Biggest Auditorium Owned By Nigerian Pastors sits 30,000 gatherers serenely is situated in the Ipaja-Ayobo zone of Lagos State and has been home to the past hall of the congregation.