Check Out The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at University of Columbia

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The legit scholarship is ongoing in the Obama Foundation at the University of Columbia, USA Program seeks to support dynamic, collaboration, and co-creation, rising leaders from around the world in an innovative one-year academic experience.

APPLICATION DEADLINE_February 5th, 2022.


Available for all countries.

This scholarship is actually taken at Columbia University, USA.



Obama Foundation offers monthly stipends to assist with living expenses.

A decent studio apartment, well furnished within walking distance of Columbia University.

Fees and tuition for your four courses at Columbia University.


Free basic medical, dental, and life insurance for the duration of the program-related activities.

A foundation like the leadership foundation by Obama will help you enhance student abilities in reading, and learning then implementing it.

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Obama Foundation is also to enrich individuals and skills oriented to be able to learn and passing out knowledge.

This foundation resides at Columbia World projects, a very new initiative that aims to systematically bring university Research out into the world in the form of projects that will have a significant and lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

In all Afterall, Obama Foundation is a platform where people get to learn personal development, the foundation also provides quality training for employees and instills more morals.

This foundation seeks rising leaders around the world who meet the following criteria.

Must have a proven commitment to service and leadership within a community, region, or country.

Must be emerging leaders who have meaningful contributions to their field

Must be fluent in English.

Must have the ability and inclination to shape the future of their community.

Must have a bit of humility, able to control temper and mingle with like minds.


Visit the official page of the Obama Foundation to apply.