Delta Line Transport Price List ([month],[year])

If you love traveling around the country, you must have heard of or boarded Delta Line Transport. There is even a good chance it is one of your favorite transport companies if not your favorite.

Over the years, Delta Line Transport company has made a name for itself due to its satisfying services to passengers. If you love the thrill of traveling while feeling at home, Delta Line Transport gives you the treatment and more.


The company has grown over the years to be one of the giants in the transport industry in Nigeria. It has many terminals across various parts of the country, though it has its primary base in Delta state, as the name implies.

The transport company boasts of having one of the properly trained drivers and the customer services offered by the transport company are top-notch.


Do you want to know the current price list for Delta Line Transport? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will be giving a rundown of the Delta Line Transport price list and everything you need to know about the transport company. 

Everything You Need To Know About Delta Line Transport

There are many things you would love to know about Delta Line Transport, and I will fill you in on them. Delta Line Transport has been in existence for over 40 years and, in these 40 years, has made a name for itself as one of the leading transport providers in the country and beyond. 


The transport company was initially known as Bendel Line but changed to Delta Line Transport in 1991. This goes a long way to show how the morphing process of the company has been and its longevity.

The company houses numerous talents and properly trained personnel who have gone out of their way to make the transport company one of the leading giants in the transport industry. 


The buses are also well kept, and most of the buses are air-conditioned; hence, it is not surprising that the service of Delta Line Transport is well sought after and has won the hearts of many. 

Many people have been asking about the Delta Line Transport price list to know if they can afford it or not.

The Delta Line Transport price list is very affordable; however, it can be subject to change due to many factors like location, festive seasons, and current trends in the countries. This can make the price list go higher or lower. 

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Services Offered By Delta Line Transport

Delta Line Transport offers myriads of services to its passengers, making them one of the most sought-after transport companies in the country, especially in the Southern part of the country. 

Here is a list of the services offered by Delta Line Transport:

  1. They offer flexibility in booking a bus as you can always do it at your convenience.
  1. You can always choose the seat you wish for on the bus.
  1. There are options for a one-way trip/ a return trip.
  1. You can hire a bus from the company for your occasion or need. 

Final Thoughts

The price lists for Delta Line Transport are relatively affordable, so it is not surprising that they are highly sought after. However, the price lists can change due to the various factors listed above.