EasyCredit Loan Review 2022 (Legit or Scam)

EasyCredit Loan is another online loan app which many people tends to patronize. But many people still want to know more about this loan app whether it’s real or fake. In this post we will be explaining everything you need to know about this loan app. EasyCredit is one of the best loan app in Nigeria.

Just the way we explained about Palmcredit Loan App,  EasyCredit has been in existence in Nigeria for more than two years and has been in competition with other loan apps like Branch, Palmcredit, Quick Check and many other online loan app.


Now, let’s go down to the questions many people do ask about this loan app and explain further if it’s real or fake.

The EasyCredit Loan App is a legit loan app which is certified by the CBN. So they can be trusted as a legit loan app in Nigeria


Is EasyCredit Loan Real Or Fake

The EasyCredit is a legit loan app which is certified by the CBN. So they can be trusted as a legit loan app in Nigeria.

How much can I borrow from EasyCredit?

EasyCredit offers their Users a variety of Loans ranging from 2000 Naira to 500,000 Naira. Let’s say for a start, you may not be given high loan but it will be upgraded as long as you pay back your loan on time.


How long is their repayment period?

EasyCredit gives it’s users up to 3 months for them to repay back their loan depending on the choice you made while applying for the Loan.

What if I don’t pay back my loan?

Note that once you didn’t pay back your loan on time, you may be blacklisted and you may not be able to request for new loan.


How can I get EasyCredit App

You can download the app from the Google play store.

In conclusion, EasyCredit is a trusted Nigerian loan app which you can trust when it’s comes to online loan as they are fast in loan Approval and disbursement of loans to your account.

7 thoughts on “EasyCredit Loan Review 2022 (Legit or Scam)”

  1. Fraud Alert (take it or leave it)

    Easycredit charged over 30% for 8days loan and started disturbing with texts and calls on the 7th day and threatened to double withdraw the amount via my bvn. The customer care will talk to you as if you are slave.

    If you need a peaceful loan, I strongly recommend Branch App or Carbon App.
    Those ones are extremely good. God bless these two loan companies. Their staffs are 100% well trained. They have good business ethics.

    Not this foolish easycredit people.

  2. Easy credit is seemingly a scam. I took a loan and made my repayment on the 14th of last month, October. Unfortunately, i did the transaction twice due to network error but the two transactions went through. Since then till now, i have been calling them to refund, they refuse to respond. Whenever i send a mail, they respond by telling me to send the debit alert which i do. Once i do and tell them my issue, they stop responding. Upon all these, they refused to clear the debt on the app.

  3. I m on d pos business for long time if u people like to support me to get more inproviment in my business I will happy for u people thank u

  4. I downloaded easy loan app and wanted to borrow 30000 and pay back in 6months… And was asked to pay the charges first of 2999 approximately 3000 and instantly was blocked

  5. On d 18-02-22 easycredit auto debit me twice first 9.0e nd second 3.10 a sum of 14710 since then ,i chat customercare,i called ,nothing has been done

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