Everything you need to know about Eid-el Kabir 2022

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Everything you need to know about Eid-el Kabir 2022. Every year, Eid el Kabir takes place on the tenth day of Dhul Hijja, the twelfth month in the Islamic calendar. This means that there is no set date and it changes every year. Muslims around the world celebrate it at the same time, wherever they are. While the holiday itself is just one day, the festivities can last for about a week, but mostly for 2-4 days.

Everything you need to know about Eid-el Kabir 2022

How people know and celebrate Id el Kabir in Nigeria and abroad

Not so long ago, Eid el Kabir ended up being a public holiday in Nigeria, so why not take the time and experience this day in all its glory? Here are three things you can do in Nigeria for Eid el Kabir:

Go ‘durbar’ to Kano. This ancient festival dates back to the 14th century AD, and can be attested to by Eid el Kabir and Eid el Fitr. With this festival A great experience that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Go to the Emir of Kano Palace. If you want to see how Kano’s Emir lives, you should visit its palace. It is one of the ancient symbols of Kano culture that can take your breath away with bright colors and beautiful designs.

Climb Mandara Mountain. Although it is not Mount Moriah, it is still a rewarding experience. You can find this mountain near the Cameroon border in northeastern Nigeria.


As we have said before, Eid el Kabir is celebrated everywhere by Muslims. However, it has different names and cultures for each country. Here are some examples:

Pakistan. Here, Eid el Kabir is known as Eid ul-Azha, and it is a holiday that celebrates several days.

Philippines. Since 2002, Eidul Adha (local name Eid el Kabir) has been a public holiday in the Philippines, and is declared annually by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.


Saudi Arabia. Unlike many other Muslim-majority countries, Saudi Arabia begins celebrating Eid Al Adha on the fifth day of Dhul Hijja, and the festival continues until the fifteenth day.

Turkey. It is considered the most important festival of the year, and lasts for four days.

India. The country recognizes Eid el Kabir as Bakrid, where the word ‘Bakr’ means ‘goat’ in Urdu, signifies the goat that God gave to Abraham to take the place of his son in sacrifice.