Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2022/2023 Form/Portal

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2022/2023 Application/Portal
The Federal Fire Service is the organization in the Nigerian Government which specializes in fire fighting.

They are Also known as fire fighters. This organization had been in existence for so long and so many people has been wondering on how to join this organization, Jobmademen is here to explain everything in details on how to apply , Requirements needed to join the National Fire Service.


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Please note that applying for the Federal Fire Service is absolutely Free. The Federal Fire Service Recruitment comes once in a year and sometimes it may pass one year depending on the requirements they need at that moment.
Let’s start from talking about the requirements you need to apply for the National Fire Service Recruitment 2022/2023


Federal Fire Service (FFS) Recruitment Requirements

1. All the Applicants must be Nigerians by birth.

2. All the Applicants must have the requisite qualifications and certificates. Any certificate or qualification not presented and accepted at the recruitment center shall not be accepted after the recruitment.


3. All the Applicants must be physically fit and must also present certificates of medical fitness from a recognized government hospitals.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2022/2023 Form/Portal


4. All the applicants must have a very good character and must not have been convicted by court of law for any criminal offenses.

5. All the Applicants must not be drug addicts or members of any secret cult or society.

6. All the applicants must not have been embarrassed for any financial issue.

7. All the applicants must be between the ages of 18years and 30 years.

8. All the applicants’ heights must not be less than 1.65m if you are male and 1.60m for female

9. All the Applicants’ chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 only for men
10. Being a computer literate will be an added advantage.

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How to Apply for Federal Fire Service (FFS) Recruitment

There are three categories as follows:
1. We have CATEGORY A: which is the Superintendent Cadre
2. CATEGORY B: which is the Inspectorate Cadre
3. CATEGORY C: which is the Assistant Cadre

To apply for Federal Fire Service Recruitment, visit fedfire.gov.ng

Fill in all your required details and upload the required documents also
Make sure you read the instructions one after the other to avoid mistake as per one mistake can get you disqualified immediately.

Educational qualifications Required

Fire Service Educational qualifications are in two batches,
The Graduates and the Undergraduates including O level.
The Qualifications you Posses is what will grantee your rank when you are finally employed.
Graduates needs to posses BSC or HND
While the second category needs SSCE or OND or NCE.