GUO Transport Price List (Updated [year])

GUO transport company is one of the best transport companies in the whole of Nigeria. GUO transport company has its route on interstates, States, and even has its reach in some West African countries.

The company handles transport from Nigeria to other West African countries like Ghana, Togo, Cotonou, Benin, and other West African countries. The GUO transport company has over 80 fleets of cars that shuttle across States and beyond in Nigeria.

The transport company was founded by Godwin Ubaka Okeke in 1980. The transport company have had a long stretch of over 35 years and still counting.

GUO transport company has one of the cheapest price lists in Nigeria. To top it all, they assure you a smooth and comfortable road trip. In this article, we would outline the price list for GUO transport.

How to Book a Ticket with GUO Transport

Here are a few steps to take if you desire to purchase a ticket with GUO transport. The services vary, depending on your choice.

1. You can book your ticket online you can visit any GUO transport outlet to get your ticket straight from the counter.

2. If you have a plan of going for the charter service or probably you need a hotel or airport pickup you also can effortlessly contact the GUO customer care line where a customer agent will help you with whichever service you require.

Here is the GUO transport care line, just in case you want to book a ticket or other services with them:

Phone numbers: +2348075090620, 08174594910.

E-mail address: [email protected] or [email protected]

WhatsApp: 09086712710 or 08144982873.

You can also book a ticket online by downloading the GUO app or through their official website.

GUO Transport Price List 2022

Jibowu to EkwulobiaAdult: N12,350 Child: N9,750
Jibowu to AbaAdult: N10,925 Child: N8,625
Jibowu to AbujaAdult: N11,400 Child: N9,000
Jibowu to UmuahiaAdult: N10,925 Child: N8,625
Jibowu to EnuguAdult: N12,825 Child: N10,125
Jibowu to OwerriAdult: N12,825 Child: N10,125
Jibowu to UmunzeAdult: N9500 Child: N7,500
Jibowu to OgojaAdult: N11,400 Child: N9,000
Ajah to AbaAdult: N10,925 Child: N8,625
Ajah to AbakalikiAdult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Ajah to AbujaAdult: N12,825 Child: N10,125
Ajah to Umuahia- MbaiseAdult: N10,925 Child: N8,625
Ajah to OwerriAdult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Ajah to EnuguAdult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Umuahia to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: N9,975 Child: N7875
Awka to AbujaAdult: N9,025 Child: N7,125
Asaba to Lagos (Coker)Adult: N8,075 Child: N6,375
Asaba to Lagos (Iyana-Ipaja)Adult: N8,075 Child: N6,375
Asaba to LagosAdult: N8,075 Child: N6,375
Abakalike to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Ejigbo to UmuahiaAdult: N9,025 Child: N7,125
Ejigbo to UmunzeAdult: N8,075 Child: N6,375
Ejigbo to OgojaAdult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Ejigbo to AbakalikiAdult: N8,550 Child: N6,750
Ejigbo to AbaAdult: N9,500 Child: N7,500
Port Harcourt to LagosAdult: N10,450 Child: N8,250
Port Harcourt to AbujaAdult: N12,350 Child: N9,750
Utako to AbaAdult: N11,875 Child: N9,375
Utako to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: N11,875 Child: N9,375
Utako to Port HarcourtAdult: N11,875 Child: N9,375
Enugu to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: N10,70 Child: N7,950
Enugu to AbujaAdult: N9,120 Child: N7,200

You have to keep in mind that the prices listed above are subject to change, depending on some unseen factors.

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