How The Central Admission System (CAPS) Works

How The Central Admission System (CAPS) Works. Each institutions has a dash board on CAPS. this dashboard is manage by the admission officer of each institution. the admission officer sets the institution admissions criteria, the admission quota and number of candidates expected for each course on the dashboard. the admission criteria includes the instructions general UTME cutoff mark for each course or program. this cutoff mark differs from institutions to institutions.

once this is done, Central Admission System CAPS will automatically rank and list the candidate that applied to an institution and are qualified for admission into the institution based on the criteria the institution has set in the system.
A proposed admission list would be made available by the system, which the institutions admissions officer is to download and send to the head of the instructions for approval. if the institution rejects a candidate on the list, then a reason has to be given.

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How The Central Admission System (CAPS) Works

with the approval of the list, the final list of candidates is re-uploaded to CAPS portal. the admission status of each candidate is then communicated through personal profile earlier created when registered.
candidates are to either accepts or rejects the admission, you choose “Accept” if you are offered admissions to the course you applied for or an alternative course the institution offers and which are okay by you. if, on the other hand, the institution offers you admission to a course or study you are not interested in, then you have the right to choose “Reject”.

Now, if you reject the admission, your details will be put in what JAMB calls the “market place” for other institutions that can accept the qualifications you have for that course you intend to study.
but once an institution offers you admission and you accept the admission, you have been automatically been admitted into the institution. you no longer have the opportunity to reject the admission and be put in the market place for other institutions. you either take it or wait for another year.

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