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How to Check Glo Data Balance (and airtime balance)

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Some Glo users are ignorant of how to keep tab with their Glo airtime balance and Glo data balance. If you are in such a situation, you have come to the right place. Checking your Glo airtime balance is quite simple and stress-free. With the Glo USSD code, SMS method, and online means you can keep a tab of your airtime balance.

In this article, we would put you through how to check Glo balance likewise your data balance. The steps needed are properly detailed below.

How to Check Glo Balance

As said previously, checking your Glo airtime balance is quite simple and very fast too. To check your airtime balance, simply dial *124#, using your mobile phone, then press send. We would give a more detailed step below:

1. Dial *124#, then press send.

2. Select 1 and send on the on-screen prompt.

3. Your Glo account balance would be shown boldly on your phone screen.


How to Check Glo Bonus Balance

To check your Glo bonus account balance, simply dial *122#, using your mobile phone and press send. Your bonus account would be displayed on your phone screen.

However, several Glo bonus balances are depending on your postpaid and prepaid plan. Hence, here are other means to check your Glo bonus balance:

1. For Glo yakata, dial *220*1# to keep a tab of all your bonuses.


2. For Glo Campus Booster bonuses *122*10#

3. For Glo jumbo dial #122*23#

4. For the Glo Bumpa package, dial *#122*2#

How to Check Glo Data Balance

Are you finding it hard to keep a tab of how much data you have expended or is remaining? You can check your Glo data balance on Android, iPhone, iOS, MiFi, Windows, and other mobile devices.

Here are a few tips on how to check your Glo data balance:

1. Making Use of the USSD Code

This is the method most Glo subscribers use to check their data balance. It can be used on iPhones, Android, iOS, and other kinds of phones. Using the USSD codes provided by Glo network you can always check your data balance at any time.

Simply dial *127*0# to check your data bundle. You can also dial *277#, then select your current plan of subscription, select “Manage Data”, then wait for the response message from Glo.

2. Making Use of SMS

This is an amazing option if your Glo USSD code isn’t working. To check your Glo data balance using SMS follow this step:

The first step is to type and send ” INFO” without including any quotes to 127. You will receive a message from Glo, displaying your data balance and when the data subscription would expire.

3. Check Online Using HSI Portal

Glo also offers a method of checking your data balance online. You can check your Glo data balance via any mobile means, just visit HSI Portal to check your Glo data balance.

Aside from your mobile phone, you can use this online means to check your data balance using any mobile device.

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