How to Check Glo Number (6 Steps Updated [year])

Most Glo subscribers don’t know how to check their Glo number using their phones. There might be situations that would require the use of your phone number and this might hamper the situation, especially if you can’t recite It by heart.

You don’t have to worry yourself sick, there are various ways you can check your Glo number and the good news is that the process is simple and fast. In this article we would direct you on how to check Glo number using your mobile phone, all you just need to do is pay attention.


How to Check Glo Number

We would give you a detailed explanation of how to check your number through various means other than the USSD code. You can always keep a tab of your Glo number using the following means:

1. How to Check Glo Number Using USSD Code

You can always check and retrieve your number by using the USS code made available by the Globacom network. To achieve this, simply dial *135*8# using your mobile phone, then click send.


After that, you will have your number displayed on your phone screen, you would also get it as a message. You can also check your number by dialing *777#, then choose option 4 “My Tariff Plan”, then click option 3 ” M Number” it would appear.

2. How to Check Glo Number Using Glo SIM Pack

All you just need to do is check the SIM pack that accompanied your SIM card. It appears to be the simplest way to check your Glo number. Hence the need not do away with your SIM pack, a need for it might appear.


Simply check the back of your SIM pack, near the PUK code you would see your Glo number near it.

3. Check Your Glo Number by Dialing 1244

This is a simple and reliable short code to check your number. Just dial 1244 and use this simple method to check your Glo number.


Once you dial 1244, a voice would reply and read out your number for you, so you need to grab a pen and a book to scribble it down. You can always radial the number if you didn’t get it in the first place. It is best you also know your mobile number by heart.

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4. Check Your Glo Number by Calling or Texting Someone

This is another direct means you can use to check your Glo number. This works best when your SIM pack is not available.

Simply dial a friend’s number or message them, then have them call out the number for you or send the number as a text message to you.

5. How to Check Glo Number Using Glo App

The Glo app has so many benefits, and checking your Glo number is one of them. If you do not have the Glo app, you can always download it via your google play store or apple store.

To check your number, dial “My Glo Cafe” on the search bar, and install and fill in the details correctly. You would be given access to your Glo number seamlessly.

6. How to Check Glo Number Online

To check your Glo number, using the online method, your mobile phone must be internet accessible. You also have to make use of your Glo number for this purpose.

Just go to Glo’s official website, after it is done loading, scroll down and you will see your mobile number displayed in the welcome setup.

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