How to Check NIN Number (Updated [year])

NIN number is a new method of identification in Nigeria. It is compulsory for every citizen of Nigeria that is of age. However, due to the NIN number being introduced recently not everyone can call out the numbers by heart.

Hence, we would lead you through the process of how to check NIN number, using various mobile networks.


Currently, it is compulsory to present your NIN number before you can have access to various services from institutions like telecoms, banks, and even the government, here in Nigeria.

Therefore, it is of the essence you know your NIN number or how you can access it easily anytime the situation calls for it.


How to Check NIN number on Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile

For those using the various network services like Airtel, MTN, and other services, for you to check your NIN number, you have to follow these procedures:

  1. Dial the USSD codes *346#.
  2. Select option 1 to retrieve.
  3. Submit the on-screen requirements.

Note: You also have to keep in mind that this would only work if the mobile number on the phone is the one used for the registration.


How to Check NIN Number Online

As of now, there is no online outlet that is being used for the services. You can only check your NIN number on your phone, using the USSD code *346#.

How Do I Link My Phone Number to NIN?

The procedure required to link your NIN to your phone number isn’t a hard one. The process varies, depending on your network subscriber and the way you chose to go about it. Here are some of the steps required:


1. Link Using the NIMC Mobile App

This app gives you the benefit of linking up to 6 different phone numbers to your NIN. Here are the needed steps to achieve it:

Log into the NIMC app by making use of your security PIN

Choose “MY DEVICES” on the homepage.

The next step is to click on “ADD MOBILE NUMBER” and then click the mobile number you would like to include.

Finally, enter the OTP code you got on your phone to finalize the procedure.

2. How to Link Your NIN to an Airtel Line

If you are using an Airtel line you can link your NIN to your phone number, ODU, and MiFi/router digits. This is how to go about it:

To connect your MiFi/routers and ODU digits, you would have to visit the Airtel website for easy access.

To link your NIN to your phone number, dial *121*1#, then enter your NIN and click the “SEND” button.

3. How to Link NIN to an MTN Line

Dial *785# using the phone digit you would like to link the NIN to, then input your NIN, after that, click submit.

You can also do the registration on the MTN website where you would be guided through the required steps.

4. How to Link NIN to 9mobile Line

If you are a 9mobile user, for a hitch-free process follow this procedure and connect your NIN to your 9mobile line:

Dial *996# with the number you are linking the NIN to, then also input your NIN digits.

You can also connect your NIN to the 9mobile website.

5. How to Link NIN to Glo Line

Dial *109# with your Glo line, the include your identification number.

Also, send your NIN number as a text message to 109.

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