How To Join The Nigerian Army With BSC And HND

If you wish to join the Nigerian Army with BSC or HND,it simple means you are a graduate and will like to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate.

The Nigerian Army has a program which they designed for BSC and HND Holders which is Called the DSSC and SSC Program.
Let me break it down a little.
Firstly let’s explain what the both means and the difference between them and how you can be able to apply for any one you wish.

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The Nigerian Army DSSC simple means Direct Short Service Commission.
This Commission is meant for graduates bother HND Holders and BSC holders who already have a career in the civil life and will also want to continue that profession in the Military.
Example of those professions are Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers and many others.

The Second one is The Nigerian Army SSC which means Short Service Combatant Commission.This commission is only meant for those who want to be Combatant in the army, They are not professional in any Field,it simply means that they will be trained as Combatant to lead troops in the war front.
They are almost the same thing with the regular cadets who spends 5 years in the Nigerian Defence Academy before they Hang the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.

You can read more about the Difference between DSSC and SSC HERE.

How To Join The Nigerian Army With BSC And HND

Now, it’s left for you to know which one you are applying for.If you have a career with your BSC and wish to continue in the military,you are advised to join the DSSC,if you want to be Combatant you are also advised to join the SSC.
Now another Question is How do you apply for the Nigerian Army with your BSC or HND.

I made a post about how to Apply For the Nigerian Army DSSC And SSC HERE.

The procedure and the requirements needed to join the Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC is posted there.
If you have any questions on how to join the Nigerian Army with BSC or HND,
Please use the comment section and ask your question.

Visit the nigerian army official website in case you  want to make more clearification.

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  1. A person that join the army SSC as a graduate, will he also fight in the war front or his duty is only to lead a troop of army to the war front.

  2. What of someone with in criminology and security studies is there any future for that person in the military and is the person still going for training coz I heard the person will still go for 6 months training

  3. Difference between lieutenant n 2nd lieutenant? what is the easiest way to get promotion in the army

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