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How To Join The U.S Army As A Nigerian

How To Join The U.S Army As A Nigerian. United State of America Is one of the countries in the world that allow different countries from all over the world to join their Army. The U.S army is one of the biggest army in the whole planet. Many people from different countries has developed interest in joining the U.S Army because of the good way they treat their soldiers. If you want to Join the US Army as a Nigerian, Meaning you are from a different country that is not United States, You must possess the following requirements.

Requirements To Join The U.S Army As A Nigerian

1.You Must be a green card Holder
This simply means that you must have permanent Resident card which allows you to Live and work permanently in the the United States. The steps you must take to apply for green card will vary depending on your individual Situation.


join the u.s army as a foreigner

2. You Must be Able to Speak and write English, It doesn’t matter the country, even if you are from a French speaking country and you can speak and write English, You are good to go.

3.You must currently Live in U.S.

4.You must be Physically and Medically fit.

5.You Must be between the Age of 17 and 40 years old.
Note that different branches have their own age Limit.

6.Have a High school diploma, (some branches will accept a GED.)

7.You must pass the Armed Services vocational aptitude test.

To join as an Officer, you must also have attended College.


2.Mental health.
3.Criminal case
4.Educational Qualifications.

If you Want to become a Military Officer in the US,
You must graduate from one of the US service Academy. Service Academies are the colleges that train commissioned officers.
 To get into the US academies,
You must be nominated by any of the below.
1.A US Senator
2.A US Representative.
3.Us vice president

To join, Visit
And follow the instructions.


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