How Can I Retrieve My MTN Transfer PIN?

Have you forgotten your MTN transfer PIN and you are having issues retrieving the transfer PIN? You made it to the right place as we would go into detail on how to solve the issue.

Many MTN subscribers have forgotten their transfer PIN due to infrequent use and don’t know how to retrieve it.

Though the transfer PIN might be as low as four digits, forgetting it is possible because of our day-to-day life. Without the transfer PIN, it’s impossible to transfer airtime on MTN which shows you how important it is.

Walk with us as we give you a detailed format on how to retrieve MTN transfer PIN.

How To Retrieve MTN Transfer PIN

Without your MTN transfer PIN, you won’t be able to transfer airtime or data to other MTN subscribers on MTN. Hence, the need for your MTN transfer PIN. So, losing your transfer PIN makes it impossible to transfer airtime or data to others.

However, the good news is that there are ways you can retrieve your MTN transfer PIN even after losing it. There are numerous ways to go about the retrieval and this includes the SMS method and the Customer Service method.

Through these two means, within 2 days you would retrieve your transfer PIN and resume your transfer of data and airtime to others.

Below, are the needed steps to take if you have plans of retrieving your MTN transfer PIN:

1. The first step is to click on the messaging app on your phone.

2. Also, you would have to formulate a message and then click on YES.

3. The next step is to send the message you created to 556.

4. You would need to wait for a few minutes. After that, you would get a new message from MTN showing you your new PIN.

5. They would give you the option of changing the new PIN to the one you feel would be safer and navigable for you.

6. After these steps, you are good to go and you can resume transferring airtime and data to your loved ones.

The above-outlined steps are for those who wish to retrieve their transfer code by themselves.

However, if you wish to go through MTN’s customer service approach, it’s great too. Here are the needed steps to take if you wish to go through the customer service procedure:

1. The first needed step is to call the MTN customer care line by dialing 180.

2. Once you have dialed the MTN customer care line, you have to wait till the call is received by a representative. Then tell them you forgot your MTN transfer PIN and would wish to retrieve it.

3. The representative would ask for your name, number, and other simple but important questions.

4. After providing your information, you would be advised on what to do next. Within 24 hours of the call, you will get a new MTN transfer PIN.

5. Once you get the new default PIN which is usually “0000” you are expected to change it for a more secure PIN.


Did you forget your MTN transfer PIN? You made it to the right place because we took our time to give you a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve your MTN transfer PIN without breaking a sweat.