How Can I Stop Airtel Auto Renewal? (Step-By-Step Guide)

There are moments where we mistakenly or intentionally clicked on “Auto Renewal” and for every recharge, once your data gets exhausted, the data offer would be renewed.

This can be frustrating and in most cases, it’s even more frustrating if you don’t know how to go about it. You can only watch and see the reduction on your Airtel main balance.


However, you are lucky you came across this article because we would go into detail on how to stop Airtel auto-renewal. The needed steps are quite easy and you don’t need to break a sweat over them. Just walk with us as we lead you through the process of stopping the Airtel auto-renewal.

How To Stop Airtel Auto-Renewal

As stated previously, we made a promise to help show you the way to cancel Airtel auto renewal so you won’t have to watch the airtime you bought for other reasons being deducted from your main balance.


There are numerous ways to go about this and the good thing is that the steps are walkovers and you won’t break a sweat over them. Below are some of the procedures you can use to stop Airtel auto-renewal:

How To Stop Airtel Auto Renewal Using USSD Code

1. The first step required is to dial *362#


2. The next step requires you to opt out by clicking on option 2.

Or you can simply dial *362*2# without going through the manual process and you would be opted out.


In a situation where the USSD code method doesn’t work or you feel like going through other processes aside from the USSD code, you can try out the Customer Service method.

How To Stop Airtel Auto Renewal Using Airtel Customer Service Method

1. The first step is to dial the customer service line which is 111.

2. Then you would have to wait for a customer care representative to answer the call.

3. You will have to request for them to cancel your auto-renewal.

4. The representative might request for your data like name and phone number.

5. You will have to wait a few minutes while they work towards canceling the auto renewal.

6. You will get a message in a few minutes showing that you have been opted out of Airtel auto renewal.

How To Stop Airtel Auto Renewal Via SMS

If you have tried other means and it didn’t work out or you just attempted the SMS method first, that’s fine.

To begin with, you have to formulate a new message by typing “STOP” then send it to 141.

Or you can send “STOP AUTO-RENEW” to 440.

Or you can also text “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440.

After that, you would get a message notifying you that auto renew has been canceled.


There are numerous ways of canceling Airtel auto-renewal. The good thing is that they are quite easy and the processes are walkovers. In this article, I made a step-by-step guide on how to stop Airtel auto-renewal.

We hope this helps.