How To Use MTN Points

Are you on an MTN pulse tariff plan and don’t know how to use your MTN points to purchase data? It’s necessary you know about it because, without knowledge of how to redeem your data, there is no way you would enjoy your MTN points rewards.

The good thing about this is that the process is quite easy and you can do it yourself anytime you wish.


The MTN points are rewards for buying night plans, data plans, music plan subscriptions, IG and Tiktok plans, and through calls. Using these MTN points in the form of points, you can easily purchase data worth your point rate and keep in mind that your point expires once it clocks a year.

To enjoy the MTN points, you must be on an MTN pulse tariff plan. Once you join the plan, MTN will award you with 5 points.


Do you have MTN points but don’t know how to check or use them? In this article, we would give you a detailed rundown of how to check and use your MTN points.

How To Check MTN Points

If you have subscribed to MTN pulse and you don’t know how to check your MTN points, there is no need to worry because we got you covered.


To check your MTN points, all you need to do is dial *406#, then follow the on-screen prompt and select option 7 for pulse points, then select option 1 for pulse balance. With that, you can easily check your MTN pulse points without breaking a sweat.

You should keep in mind that pulse points are on the same scale as naira, which implies that 1 naira is worth 1 pulse point and so on.


How To Use MTN Pulse Points

If you wish to use your MTN pulse point but don’t know how to go about it, you made it to the right place. To use your MTN pulse points, all you need to do is dial *131# and select 1 for data plans. Select any data plan you wish for and select 2 (points) to make the payment.

How To Earn MTN Pulse Points

If you wish to earn MTN pulse points, there are a few ways to go about it, which is through night plans, data plans, IG and TikTok plans, music plan subscription, calls, and joining the MTN pulse tariff plan for the first time.

How To Transfer MTN Pulse Points

Do you want to know if you can transfer your MTN points to your family or friends? Sadly, there is no way you can transfer MTN pulse points. The points are for your use; hence, can’t be transferred.

Can You MTN Pulse Points To Buy Airtime?

Are you wondering if you can use MTN points to purchase airtime for your use? It’s necessary to know that you can only use MTN points for data subscriptions and not for airtime recharge.


Using the MTN pulse points is quite simple and with the right guide, you can always use or check your points without any directives.