Just In: Dalarna University – Sweden Is Offering International Student’s Scholarship

This is just a quick one that Dalarna University is already awarding a partial scholarship opportunity to a number of its high achieving, fee_paying students who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their educational endeavors.

The scholarship I directly to purposefully reduce tuition fees and cover between 10 and 50 percent of your total tuition fees.

The total amount that will be awarded is instantly deducted in set amounts each semester over the duration of your program.


Deadline_March 25th 2021

Country eligibility_International.

Type(s)_Undergraduates and masters.

The number of Awardees_40 awards is available.


Scholarship values cover up 50% or 25% part of the tuition fee only and will not provide for accommodation, books, travel, or other personal or incidental expenses.

Duration of scholarship_Upto two semesters in an academic year.

Eligibility_Applicant must be an international student.

Be proficient in English Language, very apt.

Must be able to communicate effectively.

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Must have good academic records.

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Applicants must submit their resume, and uploaded to the university.

The scholarship form must be there.

Must have a recommendation letter from his/her employer, or teacher.

A video to explain why you need the scholarship.

This video should not pass 60 seconds long, because you need to explain why you should be awarded a scholarship.

Applicants must upload this video to the website or cloud storage so that it can be viewed by the scholarship committee_Alao include your link to the video where it is indicated.

All these should be sent to the Darlana University website and uploaded where information is provided.

For more information, visit the school website.

Note that there’s no payment to this scholarship, everything is free.

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