List Of Courses Offered In NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy)

List Of Courses Offered In NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy)
The Nigerian Defence Academy is a Military Higher Institution Which Deals only in training the Nigerian Military Officers.

The Nigerian Defence Academy offers both military and Academic training in the instruction.So once you want to join the Nigerian Defence Academy,you will become a Military Officer once you pass out.

You either become a Naval Officer,Army Officer or Air force Officer.The good thing about the Nigerian Defence Academy is that they they don’t pay School Fees, instead you are been paid as a cadet studying in the Instruction.

Most of the courses offered in the Nigerian Defence Academy is the ones Related to the military.The ones that are relevant to you once you are out of the institution.

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If you want to join the Nigerian Defence Academy,
Read on how to join the Nigerian Defence Academy HERE.


Before we talk about the Courses,there are faculties in which the Courses fall into,So don’t be confused when you see the facility of Science and others.

List Of Courses Offered In The Nigerian Defence Academy

Faculties That Are Present In NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy)

1. 1.Faculty Of Science.
2. 2.Faculty Of Military Science & Interdisciplinary Studies.
3. 3.Faculty Of Engineering.
4. 4.Faculty Of Art.
5. 5.Faculty Of Social Science.

List Of All The Courses Offered In NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy)

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*Faculty Of Science
1. 1.Department of Biological Sciences.
2. 2.Department of Mathematics.
3. 3.Department of Chemistry
4. 4.Department of Physics
5. 5.Department of Computer Science

*Faculty Of Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

1. 1.Department of Intelligence & Cyber Security.
2. 2.Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
3. 3.Department of Military Science and Technology.

*Faculty Of Engineering

1. 1.Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
2. 2.Department of Mechanical Engineering
3. 3.Department of Civil Engineering

*Faculty Of Art

1. 1.Department of Languages
3. 2.Department of Political Science & Defence Studies
4. 3.Department of History
5. 4.Department of French
5.Department of General Studies

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*Faculty Of Social Science

1. 1.Department of Accounting & Management.
2. 2.Department of Psychology.
3. 3.Department of Geography.
4. 4.Department of Economics & Management Science.

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