List Of Courses Offered In The Nigerian Police Academy

List Of Courses Offered In The Nigerian Police Academy (Npa)/(Polac)
The Nigerian Police Academy is like any other Higher Institution in Nigeria.Once you complete your selected course,you become a Graduate.

The only difference between the the Nigerian Police Academy and other Higher Institutions is the the Nigerian Police Academy is combination of both Academic and Police Training.

So due to the schedule of their training,there are many courses which are not accepted in the Nigerian Police Academy.

They only have the courses which will help their police officers in the field once they pass out as police officers.
So before you apply for the Nigerian Police Academy, you have to read through the List Below to know if your desired course is included.

We are gather the full official list of courses and departments which is available in the whole Nigerian Police Academy which is located Wudil, Kano State (NPA).

There are four different faculties in the Nigerian Police Academy

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1. The Faculty of Science.
2. The Faculty of Law.
3. The Faculty of Social and Management Science.
4. The Faculty of Humanities.

Now Under those four facilities,we have different course which are listed below.


List Of Courses Offered In The Nigerian Police Academy (NPA)/(POLAC)

» – Accounting
» – Banking and Finance (Mgt)
» – Biochemistry
» – Biology
» – hemistryy
» – Computer Science
» – Economics
» – English Language
» – Forensic Science
» – French
» – Hausa
» – History and International Studies
» – Igbo
» – Law
» – Mathematics
» – Physics
» – Political Science
» – Psychology
» – Social Works
» – Sociology
» – Yoruba.

Now you know all the courses Which is offered in the Nigerian Police Academy.
If you want to join the Nigerian Police Academy,
You can read on how to join the Nigerian Academy HERE.

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To read more about the Nigerian Police Academy,You can visit the Nigerian Police Academy Official website

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