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Prices Of Goats in Nigeria 2022 Updated

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Goat rearing in Nigeria is like a general animal rearing which is common in every part of the country. Most people uses goat rearing as a daily business while others uses it a part time business. Goat rearing is mostly common in the Northern part of the Country and that is why the Prices will be lesser when buying it from the North than buying it from the south or the West. For this reason, we are going to let you know the prices of goats in Nigeria.

When you are planning to go into Goat business or trying to buy a goat for your own use, It’s important you know the prices of goats in Nigeria and breed of each goat before going to market for purchase.
Although Goats are common rearing animal in the North, Not all goat bread can be found or reared in Nigeria. In this Post we are going to break down the types of Goats and prices which they are being sold in Nigeria.

Goats has two main breeds which is common in Nigeria. The local bread which is also know as west African Goats and The Exotic breeds.

Prices Of Goats in Nigeria

The Local breeds includes Sokoto red goat or Maradi goat, west African dwarf goats, pygymy Goats and the sahelian Goats.
The Exotic breeds are mostly Asian Goats which some call Agric Goats.
Note that there is a difference between a full grown goat and a kid Goat, not to worry, we will be stating the prices of both the kid Goat and A full grown goat.

Breeds And Prices Of Goats in Nigeria

Let’s start with the Local Goat Breeds.


Local Goat Breeds

Sokoto Red Goats.

Prices Of Goats in Nigeria (Sokoto Red Goats)
Sokoto Red Goats.

This Sokoto red goat is also called Maradi goat is a type of goat that is commonly found in the Northern part of the country. As the Name implies, It is always red in color, Only few are black and Sokoto state is one of the state where this goat is commonly found. They are normally small in size.

Pygymy Goats.

pygymy Goats
Pygymy Goats.

This type of goats looks similar to that of African dwarf goats. They only have little difference between them. This pygymy Goats are mainly for consumption as it is normally breed for meat. This type of Goats is very Strong and it can survive in any kind of weather it finds it’s self in. They also have small but fat bodies and unlike other Goats that feeds on anything they come across, this one likely eats Grass and vegetables.

Sahelian Goats

Sahelian Goats
Sahelian Goat

This particular goat has skinny body, Sahelian goat is also a small sized goat. They are thin in appearance and they also have a narrow body, shallow chest with a sloping short croup. Their hair is short and stiff with variety of colors. The Average height of an adult Sahelian male goat is about 70–85 cm, and 65–75 cm for the female . The he goat has an average weight about 38.5 to 56.7 kg, while the she goat has an average weight of about 25 to 34 kg.
This particular goat is a good meat goat breed, also good for skin production, and it is rarely raised for milk.

West Africa Dwarf Goats.

West Africa Dwarf Goats
West Africa Dwarf Goats

This type of Goats are also called Nigerian Dwarf Goats. As the Name implies, they are very short and has fat body.they are mainly breed for milk and meat purpose. They are normally found in the south East and South South of the country.
The Characteristics of this particular type of Goats include a relatively long neck, they have broad chest, and straight their Legs are short and the udder is small but they are generally well-shaped. Most of them have short stiff hair, and their colour varies; dark brown with black points is probably the one that is common, but black, red, white, pied, and other multi-coloured goats also occur.

Now let’s go down to the Exotic breeds.

Exotic Goat Breeds

Alpine Goats

 Alpine Goat

Alpine Goat

This breed of goat is commonly used for milk and meat purpose. This type of Goats grow very fast. They can grow from kid to an adult goat within six months.They are very strong in nature. Sometimes it’s advisable to allow them graze freely as it is going to help them in growing up so fast. The Adult male of this goat weighs about 78kg while the Adult female is about 62kg. One good thing about this type of Goats is that they normally give birth to not less than 2 goats at a time.

Boer Goats

Prices of Goats In Nigeria (Boer Goats)
Boer Goats

This type of Goats are mainly for meat meet production as they very big in nature. In all the list of Goats mentioned above, Boer Goats is one of the biggest. If you want to breed a goat for consumption or for meat selling purpose, it’s advisable you go for this type of Goats because they have a lot of meat..This type of Goat can adapt in any type of weather and condition.They normally have white body, red head and Neck.They are not commonly found in Nigeria.

Anglo Nubian Goat..

Prices of Goats in Nigeria (Anglo Nubian Goat)
Anglo Nubian Goat

This type of Goat is normally used as per in some country and they are very close and friendly to humans. They are mostly breed for milk production as they has a lot of fats In them.They are also good for meat and Skin purposes. Unlike some goats that cannot withstand hot weather, this type of Goat can also withstand any type of hot weather.

Saanen Goats.

Prices of Goats in Nigeria (Saanen Goat)
Saanen Goats

This type of Goat is not normally breed in Nigeria. It’s a goat which is said to have originated from Switzerland. Most people do call it albino goat due to it’s sensitivity to excess sunshine.They are the best when it comes to milk production as they can give you up to 3 litres of milk in a day.They always look very nice and quiet in nature.

Now let’s talk about the prices since we now know their breeds.

In the Northern part of Nigeria, The Price of a goat is between the prices of N8,000 – N16,000 depending on the size and the breed of the goat. The little goat will be between N2,000 – 4,000 in the North.
In the Eastern , western and Southern Part of the Country, The Price of a goat is between N12,000 – N30,000. The little ones will be between N5,000 – N10,000

Please Note that the price may go up during celebration period as it is sold at high price during that time. It’s advisable to buy goats when it’s not celebration period as the price will be low.

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