Nigeria Immigration Salary [year] And Ranks (Updated)

Nigeria Immigration Salary 2022 And Ranks. Nigerian immigration Service ranks and salary structure is one of the things that my readers has asked for.

I have gotten several messages asking me how much A Nigeria Immigration Officers are paid monthly as Salary.
The Nigeria Immigration Service pays their members according to the rank you have in service or the years you have spent in the Immigration Service.


The higher you are in rank the higher your payment will be.If you have lower rank, you receive a lower pay also, Depending on which rank you are.

Nigeria Immigration Salary 2022 And Ranks (Updated)


Another way they pay their members is by years of service.Let me break it down.

Someone that has been in service for 5 years and someone that has served for 2 years with the same rank and Qualifications,The person that has served for 5 years tend to get more salary than the other person that has served for 2 years.



The ranks is arranged from senior to junior

• Comptroller General Immigration Service which is the highest rank.


• Assistant Comptrollers General.

• Superintendent of Immigration.

• Assistant Superintendent of Immigration.

• Senior Inspector of Immigration.

• Assistant Inspector of Immigration.

• Immigration Assistant.

• Passport Officers Which is the lowest rank.

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure
The Nigerian immigration Service (NIS) salary range from the Comptroller General salary which is the highest rank in the service earns up to N3million naira in a year while Passport officers which is the lowest rank starting salary can be as little as 33,000 Naira each month.

When calculated, the average salary a Nigeria Immigration officer will be earning as a graduate should be N150,000 in a month coupled with other benefits and allowance attached.

Now we believe that you know The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Ranks And Salary Structure

For those who want to apply for the Nigeria Immigration service, should note that recruitment into the NIS is always a yearly exercise and is normally published on Daily newspapers and also on the immigration’s recruitment website and on our website.

NIS is free of charge as you are not be expected to pay money to anybody to help you join the service.

you can visit the Immigration Official website

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