Nigerian Coat Of Arm Design And Meaning

Apart from the Nigerian flag, the Nigerian coat of arm is another important national identity one needs to be acquainted with.

This is a symbol of national unity, state power, and national authority, the Nigerian coat of arm was officially adopted in the year 1975.

Nigerian Coat Of Arm Design And Meaning

Before the adoption of the Nigerian coat of arm in the year 1975, each of the country’s political units is made up of its own coat of arm. This Is because under a federal system of government. then, component states are permitted to have their own flag, anthem, and coat of arm. They are allowed to have these three things apart from their own national anthem and their own armed forces.

You might be waiting to hear who designed the Nigerian coat of arm, but I have t tell you that unlike the Nigerian flag that was designed by Taiwo Akinkumi, there is no official documentation of who designed the Nigerian coat of arm. In case you find out who designed it, don’t hesitate to let us know.

The Nigeria coat of arm has a unique design on the black sheld which has two white lines that form the “Y” shape and two white horses, one on each side.there is a green and white band with an eagle standing on the top band on top of the sheld.

However, the Nigerian coat of arm has so many features, each and every one of them represents the essence of virtue about the country.


  • THE BLACK SHIELD: the black shield on the coat of arm stands for Nigeria’s fertile soil.
  • TWO WHITE WAVY BANDS ON THE SHIELD, WHOCH FORMS THE LATER “Y”: they represent the two major rivers in Nigeria, they are river niger and river Benue which both meet to form a confluence at Lokoja.
  • TWO HORSES: the two horses on either side of the shield represents Nigerians dignity.
  • SOME FLOWERS AT THE BASE: the yellow flower at the base are costus spectabilis, this is a type of flower found in all part of the country representing the nation’s beauty and also the rich heritage.
  • THE EAGLE: the eagle represents the strength and pride of Nigeria
  • THE BAND AROUND THE BASE OF THE SHIELD: this area bears the national motto,” Unity, Peace, and Progress, which was adopted in the year 1978, the formal motto was Peace, United, and Freedom.