NYSC: These Are The Things You Need To Bring To Orientation Camp As a Corps Member

There are important things you need to know and bring to camp if you’ve been mobilized for NYSC.

As newbie as they are, they usually make the mistake of coming to the orientation camp without knowing what to bring or anything, Afters is always HAD I KNOWN

Apparently, as water is to life, that is how these things should be very important, you need to have a thinking mindset of what to give out, of what to bring and everything.

Let me share with you in this article, what you should know about orientation camp items.

Just to present them in order of priority, because of clarity.


The moment you step into the camp, you will be asked of it. That is the first thing you should know about because this will be used for your first registration.

Note that these are the only documents that will serve as evidence that you are a newly posted Corp member. Don’t try to play with it. If you play with other items, don’t play with this one.

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You are also to go with your with the photocopies of your documents, this is likely to be required subsequently for other registrations.

Unfortunately _Newbies in the camp are usually sent home because of these documents.

Do not laminate these documents, it may be rejected by NYSC officials if you do so.

2_A copy of your green card will be needed.

4_Your student identity card will be needed or stamped letter of identification from your school. It should be stamped and signed.

A statement of results from your school will be needed.

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6_All original copies and photocopies of your documents will be checked. It is therefore advisable that you keep all these things intact, to avoid embarrassment and further problems.

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7_Come along with your passport and photographs, practically all the forms you fill will need this your passport and photographs. Carry up to 15 passport photographs to ensure they have a red background.

8_All your original certificate and Licenses will be needed, this is very important especially for students that study professional courses like medicine, pharmacy, Nursing, etc will be required to present their proof of certificate. Examples are certificates of Registration with Nigeria NNDCN and pharmacist council of Nigeria and pharmacists council of Nigeria PCN for medical and pharmacy graduates respectively.

9_You will actually need Pen, gum, stapler, files, etc.

10_ Endeavor to use all-white wears, I mean, let everything about you be white.

Budget money and get your white and white pantry so you will have what to wear and change every day.


Definitely, you will be given two white knickers and T_Shirts, and pair of Snickers or converse.

11_Just like traveling, you can’t leave what is important behind, that is why you need the daily things like money for food, phones, gadgets, waist pouch, antiseptic, mosquito net, bedding, rechargeable lantern, disinfectant, slippers, pain relievers like paracetamol and many others.

Make sure that you don’t miss carrying these things because they are very important.

Though all these items can be purchased in the nearby market, just have the money to buy them should incase you didn’t carry them.

And now that you are oriented about the camp things, why not make it possible for your other friends to also be aware?

It is simply that they need these ideas too.

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