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10 Public Holidays in Nigeria you should know

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Nigeria as a country has days that are recognized as public holidays in the nation. This isn’t strange as other countries of the world also have their special days.

The public holidays in Nigeria include those practiced around the globe and ones that are directly related to the roots and history of Nigeria as a nation.

It also includes special days of its people’s religious beliefs: special days in Christian and Islamic religions, specifically. Days like these are usually work-free.

Public Holidays in Nigeria

We would give a detailed rundown of the various public holidays in Nigeria:

New Year’s DayJanuary 1InternationalAll
State HolidayFebruary 23RegionalEnugu
Public HolidayApril 11RegionalKatsina
Good FridayNo exact dateInternationalAll
Easter SundayNo exact dateInternationalAll
Labor/ Worker’s DayMay 1 (2)InternationalAll
Eid al FitrlNo exact dateInternationalAll
Democracy DayJune 12 (13)NationalAll
Eid ul AdhaNo exact dateInternationalAll
Independence DayOctober 1NationalAll
Thanksgiving Day in Bayelsa StateNovember 2RegionalBayelsa
Public Holiday in Anambra StateNovember 16RegionalAnambra
Sambisa Memorial Day in Borno StateDecember 22RegionalBorno
Christmas DayDecember 25InternationalAll
Boxing DayDecember 26InternationalAll

1. New Year’s Day— January 1

New year’s day is a public holiday widely recognized by the whole of Nigeria, irrespective of ethnicity or religion. New year’s day is celebrated in different styles and forms by various religious groups across the country. It is known as the first day of the new year.

2. Good Friday— No exact date

This is a Christian holiday, that is celebrated by every Christian irrespective of their location in Nigeria. It is a day set aside to honor the crucifixion of Jesus and also his death on Calvary. It is also regarded as Holy Friday. There is no fixed date for this Christian Holiday.


3. Easter Sunday— No exact date

This holiday is marked on the Christian calendar to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This day is celebrated across the whole of Nigeria and the world in its entirety.

Since the holiday is on Sunday, the next Monday is regarded as a public holiday for Nigerians.

4. Labour/ Worker’s Day — May 1

This is an international holiday that is recognized here in Nigeria. This is a day set aside to appreciate the contributions of workers in Nigeria. The holiday is on May 1st but is celebrated on May 2nd.


5. Eid al Fitr— No exact date

This is an international holiday celebrated by Muslims in Nigeria. The holiday marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawwal. The date of this holiday is not fixed, but dependent on the lunar cycle.

6. Democracy Day— June 12

This holiday is remembered as the day the military handed over power to a democratically elected candidate in 1999.

7. Eid ul Adha— No exact date

This is the second most important holiday for Muslims in Nigeria. It is regarded as the Feast of Sacrifice. There is no fixed date for this holiday.

8. Independence Day— October 1

This holiday is remembered as the official date Nigeria gained its independence from British rule.

9. Christmas Day— December 25

This is a day celebrated by every Christian across Nigeria. It is a holiday that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most important dates in the Christian world.

10. Boxing Day— December 26

This is a day recognized across the whole world. It is a day when people give gifts to the needy.

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