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Salary Structure Of Hotel Workers (Updated)

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A lot of people are asking different questions concerning the below topic

This is a very interesting topic which everyone that asked this question should also know the meaning of hotel or what hotel industry is all about. A hotel is an industry that provides accommodation, food and beverages, entertainment, and other services for the public especially travellers.

Salary Structure Of Hotel Workers

However the hotel industry has provided many job opportunities in our country today, it has reduced the number of the unemployed citizens in most countries that’s why hotel is reffered to as hospitality industry.

Back to the main topic the hotel workers salary varies , that is to say that how much hotel workers are paid is not fixed or certain. Hotel is owned by individuals mostly and as such the amount they pay is not constant like federal, state and local government worked salary.


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I will proudly tell u that location, experience, interaction and qualification are the things that determines how much u will earn as a hotel worker.

There are many categories of people that works in a hotel with their various departments and positions in hospitality industry (hotel).


●Managing director MD this is the general overseer of all the departments, it’s usually the owner of the hotel or the relative, the family or friends. In this case trust, honestly, loyalty is highly considered.

Salary Structure Of Hotel Workers

General manager  are paid about #250,0000 monthly
Ass Manager are paid about #180,000 monthly
Supervisors are paid about #110,000 monthly

Chief chef or head chef are paid about #100,000 monthlyChef or cook #40,000 monthly
Receptionist #30,000 monthly
Porter #29,000 above

Waiter & waitress #26,000 above
Housekeepers #23,000 above
Gardner #20,000 above
Accountant #45,000 above

Every hotel has their own unique way of running the hotel activities, Some may have some branches mentioned here while some may not have.