Simple 12 Ways To Manage Stress

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Ways to manage stress is one of the question many people ask on a daily basis. Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceive that: demand exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize. one of the difficulties with stress is that people experience stress in different ways. this contributes to stress in others. However, what we can say is that because stress has negative effects, it will usually manifest itself one way or the other.

Ways To Manage Stress

Stress targets the weakest part of our physiology or character; if you are prone to headache or eczema, this will flare up. if you have low levels of patience or tolerance for others, this will be the first area to present under times of stress.

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Stress isn’t avoidable, but it is manageable. A key action in order to minimize risk is to identify stress related problem as early as possible, so that we can take action before serious stress related illness occurs.

Simply put, resilience is the ability to cope well under pressure. a person who copes well under pressure is resilient. Research has suggested that the ability to cope well under pressure is based on positive outlook, combined with strategies to manage pressure. there is no escaping stress, but there are ways you can learn to handle stress better than when it is present, and to bounce back faster from it’s impact. the collection of skills, characteristics, habits and outlook that makes it possible to remain maximally flexible and fresh in the face of stress is often referred to as “emotional resilience”. learning to become more emotional resilient can dramatically improve your attitude and your health in the face of inevitable stress.

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12 Ways To Manage Stress

  • * make connections.
  • * avoid seeing crisis as insurmountable problem.
  • * Accept that the changes is a part of living.
  • * Move towards your goals.
  • * take decisive steps.
  • * look for opportunity of self discovery.
  • * nurture a positive view of yourself.
  • * keep things in perspective.
  • * maintain a hopeful outlook.
  • * take care of yourself.
  • * additional ways of of strengthening resilience may be helpful.
  • * getting a help when you need it is crucial in building your resilience. beyond caring family members and friends, people often find it helpful to turn to: self help and support groups, books and other publications by people who have successfully managed adverse situation such as surviving cancer.
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A license mental health professional such as a psychologist can assist people developing an appropriate strategies for moving forward.

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