Simple And Effective Ways To Battle Cancer

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Effective ways to battle cancer. It is very unfortunate that cancer is now increasing at an alarming rate. but do you know that many cancers are turning out to be “do it yourself disease”? we promote them by chronic exposure to certain environmental factors. what we eat and drink, where we live and work and what we breathe may well determines whether we would become a cancer patient or not.

The risk of cancer

1. Tobacco: this causes one of every three cancer deaths in America.

2. Red meat: Regular meat eaters have three times higher risk of developing colon cancer when compared to occasional meat eater.

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3. Junk food: those who fill up on doughnuts and sodas are prone to cancer.

4. Inactivity: those who have at least four hours exercise per week cut their risk of breast colon cancer by more than a third.

5. Overeating: Among women being heavy in weight adds to the danger from breast, colon and prostate cancer.

6. Alcohol: heavy drinking of alcoholic drinks has been linked to cancer of the liver, throat esophagus and breast cancer.

cancer is preventable and prevention is far better than cure. the orthodox medicine is seriously battling with cancer through surgery, chemotherapy, though kills cancer cells, but also kills normal cells. it is a system poison. Radiotherapy makes new cell. however, it causes secondary cancer with all other complications of radiation.

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  • ¬†Boost your immune system with exercise, fresh pure air, moderate sunlight and pure water.
  • Starve cancer cells by not feeding them with the food it needs to multiply.
  • Eat more high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes. include dark green and yellow fruits and vegetables as well as cabbage and cauliflower in your diet.

Top cancer fighting foods are

  • Yellow orange.
  • Carrot
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic and onion
  • Green leaf vegetables
  • Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage. etc.

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