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Simple Ways To Attract Clients On Facebook And Make Sales

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How to attract clients on Facebook. In setting your Facebook account for massive sales,the following must be considered

  1. Profile picture
  2. Bio data
  3. Cover picture
  4. Timeline
  5. Post

Ways To Attract Clients On Facebook And Make Sales

Profile picture

Your profile picture should be studio picture or use good phone to snap, don’t use a poor camera to snap then you put for your Facebook. If you must use your Facebook for massive sales,you profile picture should be you! Your brand is you!! So to get the results you want on Facebook,let your profile picture speak good of you
Use sharp picture More preferably studio picture. In social media,you need to brand yourself
*People want to buy you first*You are the greatest products,so brand yourself. The second point is ..

Bio data….

Your information, your profile, what people will read to have a picture of whom you are.
As soon as someone get to see your post,the next thing they do is to go to your bio information and check
Your bio information speak good or bad about you.
I see most people who want to sell on social media but when you see their bio information,you see annoying information like:

Ways To Attract Clients On Facebook And Make Sales


“Small girl with big God”

You try me,I cut you

I like slim men


You ask me where am from,I block you etc
Who want to do business with someone that promise to block you or cut you.
If am selling weavon, my bio information can go like this.

*I can give your hair that attractive style you want.

Your bio data information can be:

*I help people move from where they are to where they want to be within a short time…..Let’s show you how.

*Women,Your hair your pride*

Hi,my name is Blessed your regular beauty coach…. Most time I see ladies with unkept hairstyle and I wonder if it has ever occurred to them if they know that hair is their priceless pride.

Let me stop here and give you my wonder working solution

If you want to know the type of weavon or solution for your hair problem,send me dm…

Your Facebook profile is your shop so maintain it…

Open it everyday because it’s your shop through post…

Be Consistent it shall pay

Online business is the best…. Earning from home is the real deal….

Cover Picture

Don’t put your products in your cover picture,never you try it…. Do you know why?
The reason I said you should not make your products your cover picture is that, immediately your customer or client sees it,the next thing they do is to go to Google and Google and most time Google won’t give them positive response and that pursue that potential customer or Prospect away from you.

A lot of people would be expecting massive sales on Facebook without first of all set up their account for massive sales.
One thing you must consider in bio INFORMATION is that it should create curiosity in the mind of your customers, PROSPECT or client.

The idea here is to make sure your potential customer doesn’t find out what you do themselves…. Let them come to you.


Your timeline is your shop
Be mindful of what you post on your timeline
Always give value in your timeline
Brand yourself in your timeline
Let people see you as authority
As people that they can run to
Don’t allow anyone to tag you anyhow in your timeline

Your post is the content you push out daily to make sales or RECRUIT
Let your post always have call to action.
Let your post have value.

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