Things You Don’t Know About INECC

Things You Don’t Know About INECC

INECC strives to advocate for policy at the local, state and national, and international levels. At the local level INECC plays the role of influencer with the communities (men, women and youth), farmers, local governance institutions, and government officials to forge the Climate Change agenda in the local development policies and programmes.
At the state and national level INECC aims to share local people-centric solutions, and influence ministries and government departments to take relevant actions while considering authentic stories from the ground. It also plays a critical role in highlighting equity gaps in government policy processes.

Things You Don't Know About INECC

At the international level INECC plays a role of a watchdog. Through side events, INECC and its partners share experiences, learnings, and insights from its community engagements with global stakeholders. It also keeps a close watch on the translation of the decisions at the Conference of Parties for the most marginalised communities in India.
INECC network and partners provide the following services:

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Developing policy briefs and recommendations for local, state and national government departments with a Climate Change and Sustainable Development perspective
INECC is a national network of organisations and individuals, who connect on the issue of climate change from the perspective of marginalised communities. It was initiated in 1996 by a few development practitioners in India, who saw the link between the climate crisis and the larger issues of sustainable development and social justice.

INECC works to bring climate change and sustainable development concerns of the marginalised majority and bring their voices into policy dialogues.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was established by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to among other things organize elections into various political offices in the country. The functions of INEC as contained in Section 15, Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) and Section 2 of the Electoral Act 2010 (As Amended)

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INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC)
The Independent National Electoral Commission Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) is a facility allowing the general public constant access to the Commission with enquiries and exchange of information.

The INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) is a Situation Room that operates daily. For now, it will open between 9am and 5pm. Later on, the Centre will scale up to round-the-clock (i.e. 24-hour) service.

As a daily Situation Room, the Centre offers the public opportunity for getting real time responses to enquiries, incident-reports, complaints and queries about any aspect of the electoral process.

The Centre can be accessed through telephone lines, INEC’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails and myINEC Mobile App.

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1. HOTLINES: 0700-CALL-INEC (0700-2255-4632)

2. Website address:

3. Facebook: (INEC Nigeria)

4. Twitter handle: @inecnigeria

5. Instagram: @inecnigeria

6. E-mail:

All the information has given above is some of the Things You Don’t Know About INECC.

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