Highest paid president in the world 2021 (Top 10)

A President of any country is supposed to be the highest paid in each country. Though this is not applied to all country. Some individuals in some countries earn more money more than their president. In this post, we will be showing you the list of the highest paid President in the world.

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Don’t be supprised by the list because some countries you will be thinking that will make the list may not be on the list. Some countries president refused to be paid the exact amount which they are supposed to be paid. Some may wish that the half of their salary should be taken to orphanage homes or be used to do some other important things in their countries instead of enriching themselves.

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Highest paid president in the world.

None of the African countries made the list. We will start the list from the number ten to the number one of the highest paid President in the world.

Highest paid president in the world.

10. Xavier Bettel – Prime Minister of Luxembourg | Annual salary: $278,035.

9. Sebastian Kurz – Former Chancellor of Austria | Annual salary: $328,584.

8. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz- President of Mauritania | Annual salary: $330,000.

7. Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand | Annual salary: $339,862.

6. Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany | Annual salary: $369,727.

5. Scott Morrison – Prime Minister of Australia | Annual salary: $378,415.

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4. Donald Trump – President of the United States | Annual salary: $400,000.

3. Ueli Maurer – President of the Swiss Confederation | Annual salary: $482,958.

2. Carrie Lam – Chief Executive of Hong Kong | Annual salary: $568,400.

1. Lee Hsien Loong – Prime Minister of Singapore | Annual salary: $1,610,000.

The President of Singapore is said to be the highest paid President in the world with the annual salary of $1,610,000.

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  1. Uh hello, wakey-wakey – how about Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau??? in your list of highest paid presidents/prime ministers who is paid approx. $365,000. Please do your research!

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