WEMA Bank Transfer Code and How to Use it

You can make use of WEMA bank transfer code as long as you are their customer. The transfer code can make your daily relationship with WEMA bank a smooth and easy one. We would give a detailed explanation of how the Wema bank transfer code functions and also its uses.

WEMA Bank PLC is one of the fast thriving banks in Nigeria. It is a commercial bank that is authorized by the central bank: the chief bank that controls the Nigerian banking sector.


It has over 149 departments and service groups that are supported by a competitive ICT platform spread across the various states in Nigeria.

What is USSD code?

USSD codes embody a mixture of various characters on your mobile phone. The USSD code might contain up to 182 characters.


In a nutshell, a USSD code is a transmission method used by mobile phone users to have smooth communication with mobile phone operators.

You can use the USSD code to send financial transaction proposals to your customer service and also for mobile network requests.


If there has ever been a time you checked your mobile network balance or account balance using your mobile phone, just know you have been using the USSD code all this while.

What is WEMA Bank Transfer Code?

For you to make use of the WEMA bank transfer code, you must have already created an account with them.


If you already have an account with WEMA Bank, you just need to register and generate the code on your mobile phone. The WEMA transfer code is *945#. This code can be used by any customer of the bank.

What is the Use of *945#?

*945# is the authorized USSD code for WEMA Bank USSD banking. With the use of this code, you can run your day-to-day transactions using your mobile phone, while avoiding the stress of visiting the bank. It is also reliable, easy, and fast.

Things You Should Know About the WEMA Bank USSD Transfer Code

  1. You can only make use of WEMA bank transfer code if you have an account with WEMA bank.
  2. To make use of the bank transfer code, you must have a functioning phone number registered with WEMA bank.
  3. This service can be used on any network subscriber of your choice: 9mobile, MTB, Airtel, and Glo.
  4. This service is available at any hour of the day. This implies that you can make use of this service even at odd hours of the day.

How to Generate WEMA Bank Transfer Code

The main essence of activating your USSD code is to make it smooth and stress-free for you to run your day-to-day transaction by employing a preset PIN or password.

You would need the password or PIN so that your various transactions can be certified. To activate your password, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *945# using the same number you registered with your bank account.
  2. Fulfill the on-screen instructions.
  3. The next is to submit the required data, like your account number, date of birth, and new pin, then, confirm the new pin.
  4. After you are through with the pin creation, go ahead and enjoy seamless transactions with your bank, using your mobile phone.

You have to note that this can work out, only if you have an account with WEMA bank.

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