Xcrosscash Loan Review (Legit or Scam) Updated

Xcrosscash Loan Review (Legit or Scam)

Xcrosscash Loan app is one of the loan app many people Wants To know how legit they are. The Xcrosscash Loan app is another loan app which you can fin in Google play store. They are working with Palmcredit Loan app.


I have written an article about the best loan app in Nigeria with Low interest rate which I included Palm credit, but I never included xcrosscash, though both loan app is from the same company. Now let’s go down to the review and everything about the Xcrosscash Loan app.

Xcrosscash Loan Review (Legit or Scam)


Is xcrosscash Loan Legit or Scam?

Xcrosscash Loan app is a legit loan app in Nigeria which you can get an instant loan immediately you apply. Their Disbursement of cash into your account is very fast.

As I have said earlier, I don’t make any reviews about any loan app which I have not used. All my experience with this app is cool except the Interest rate.


One thing I don’t like about xcrosscash Loan app is their interest rate. First time I applied for loan through this loan app, I was granted a loan of #10,000 to pay back #14,000 in two weeks which is a bit much. That’s the reason this loan app didn’t meet the top 10 list of the best loan app in Nigeria with low interest rate.

How much can I get from this xcrosscash Loan app?

Xcrosscash Loan app according to them said they can loan up to 1 million naira depending on your credit profile.


How is their Repayment Process?

Xcrosscash repayment process is very fast and easy. Just bind your card to the app and your repayment can be done with ease.

What is xcrosscash Interest Rate?

Xcrosscash interest rate is from 0.9% to 4.7% monthly according to the loan company and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 10.8% to 56% per year.

How can I get this xcrosscash loan app?

Xcrosscash Loan app is available in Google playstore. You can visit the Google Play store and download the app.
Fill in your information and expect your loan within some minutes.