Young Shall Grow Motors Price List ([month],[year])

If you are a frequent traveler, there is a high chance that you have heard of Young Shall Grow Motors. This transport company is very popular, especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It has branches in various parts of the country, and its popularity tends to skyrocket during festive periods. 

The transport company has worked its way from obscurity to the limelight and has branches in various parts of Nigeria and most countries in West Africa. This goes a long way to show how Young Shall Grow Motors has grown over the years. Yet, it has kept its name over the years until a point. 


Every year, the price list for Young Shall Grow Motors keeps changing due to various factors like a hike in prices, festive periods, and various other factors.

In this article, I will be going into detail on the current price list for Young Shall Grow Motors and everything you need to know about the transport company. Keep in mind that this price list can be subject to change depending on special occasions.


Things You Need To Know About Young Shall Grow Motors

There are lots of essential details you need to know about Young Shall Grow Motors. As I stated earlier, the Young Shall Grow paved its way from obscurity to the limelight. 

The Young Shall Grow Motors was established in 1972, by Vincent Obianodo Amaechi. He established Young Shall Grow Motors after quitting his job as a bus conductor. Then, he went ahead to learn a trade as a vulcanizer. All of these equipped him with his plans to delve into the transport business. 


His transport business kicked off as a minibus going the Enugu-Onitsha path. The transport company slowly grew over time, covering the whole Eastern part of Nigeria, then the whole of Nigeria, and even spread to some parts of West Africa.

To show that the transport company has grown, it has over 500 luxurious buses, which is quite a huge leap for a transport business that kicked off with a minibus. Over the years, Young Shall Grow Motors has grown in prominence and stands at the top as one of the best in the country. 


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Young Shall Grow Price List

The Young Shall Grow Price List has changed over the years and has been subject to inflation, deflation, and festive periods. The price rises or falls depending on the current trend in the country. You have to keep in mind that this price is subject to change since it is affected by various factors. 

Below are the price lists for Young Shall Grow Motors:

Enugu Terminal

Enugu to LagosN7,000
Enugu to Abuja-WuseN7,500
Enugu to MarabaN7,100

Jibowu Terminal 

Location Price
Jibowu to Abuja-WuseN7,550
Onitsha Upper IwekaN7,000

Utako Terminal

Port HarcourtN5,550
Owerri N5,500


The Young Shall Grow Motor has over the years grown into a well-known and highly sought-after transport company. The price range also tends to differ, depending on various factors that I have already discussed above.