Business Communication And Application.

A lot of businesses is in a total shamble all because of poor business communication skill. This is actually one of the basic things one needs to be acquainted with before venturing into any business.

You might be asking what business communication is, just as the name sounds, business communication is the transfer of information, ideas, and options to the workers snd other potential customers 0f the business about their products and services, which is channeled/geared towards increasing the patronage.

It is required that every business organization should have an uninterrupted two-way process of information flow for the business to be successful. You might also be asking what I mean by “ two-way process information. This is the flow of information from the business organization to the customers and then get the feedback of those customers back to the organization.

For any business to move smoothly, there is a great need to enhance the communication channels of the business organization.


  • PAY ATTENTION ALWAYS: this involves paying rapt attention to your workers irrespective of what you have to say. This gives them a special place in your business.
  • AV0ID DISTRACTION:  It is advisable to avoid distractions when engaging in any form of communication, distraction can come in many forms, instead of being distracted, you can be putting some points down to avoid forgetting some of them.
  • KEEP TO YOUR PROMISE: This is where most of the problems of some organizations actually come from. The problem with most organization is that their products and services don’t actually live up to taste, your products and services should live of to its promise I order for it to grow and expand
  • A SENSE OF BELONGING: this involves devoting your time to work together with you workers on a project of their choice, this projected should be directed by them and not you, all for the benefit of the organization, always make them see the business as their own too, not just your own. This will make them see you as someone who has a good sense of belonging.

All these cannot take place without proper communication and feedback, thereby promoting the organization.