Airtel Double Data Code

Everybody loves free things, so I’m not surprised you probably looked up how the Airtel double data works when you heard of it. With the Airtel double data code, you can surf the internet without being worried about your data getting exhausted in no time.

I know that’s what you want; however, you would need to know the Airtel double data code and how it works for you to enjoy this amazing offer. In this article, I will give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the Airtel double data code.

What You Need To Know About The Airtel Double Data Code

The Airtel double data is an amazing offer by Airtel to promote its active users who are heavy internet users. The Airtel double data offer you a 100% free data bonus immediately after you purchase a data plan. This implies that when you purchase a data plan, you will get X2 of your data plan.

How To Check Airtel Double Data Balance

Once you are rewarded with X2 of your recharge through Airtel double data, it’s necessary you keep a tab of your balance and know when it’s about to exhaust.

To check your Airtel double data balance, all you have to do is dial *140# and you will get a notification that contains your Airtel double data balance.

What Is The Airtel Double Data Cheat Code?

The Airtel double data cheat code is *141*1#. Once you dial it, you will enjoy the benefits accrued to this offer. However, you must be on the smart connect tariff plan to enjoy these benefits.

Is Airtel Double Data Still Functioning?

Yes, Airtel double data is still functioning, once you are on the smart connect tariff plan, all you have to do is dial *141*1#.

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There are numerous benefits of the Airtel double data as it allows you to surf the internet without being bothered about your airtime getting exhausted easily.