Cheat Codes For Airtel 3G

Gone are the days when there were not many offers available for Airtel 3G users and it seemed only Airtel users with the 4G LTE SIM type enjoyed all the amazing offers on Airtel.

It’s not so anymore because numerous offers can give you amazing call bonuses and data offers that would make it easy to make prolonged calls and surf the internet without fear.

If you are still using the 2G or 3G Airtel SIM type and you don’t have plans of upgrading any time soon, I would discuss some of the Airtel 3G cheat codes that will help you enjoy amazing offers on Airtel.

About Airtel 3G Cheat Codes

The Airtel 3G cheat codes are special codes made available by Airtel for 3G SIM-type users to enjoy very cheap data offers and even free data offers in some cases. You can use this special code for 3G or lower SIM types.

Cheat Codes For Airtel 3G

There are numerous cheat codes you can enjoy using your Airtel 3G. Below are some of the amazing packages you can get on Airtel 3G using the amazing cheat codes made available by Airtel:

1. 3G Download Pack

An amazing Airtel 3G cheat code is the 3G download pack. With the 3G download pack, you can get 1GB for only N100. To enjoy this amazing offer, all you have to do is activate it by dialing *141*205#.

Once you dial the code, you will start enjoying this amazing offer. The good thing is that there is no restriction for this data, so you can use it on any data-using platform.

However, keep in mind that this offer lasts only for 24 hours. If you can’t use the whole data within 24 hours, the data would expire and you won’t be able to roll the data over.

2. 3GB Super Offer

This is another amazing cheat code available on the Airtel 3G SIM type. With the 3GB super offer, you can get 1GB for N200, 1.5GB for N300, and 5GB for 1500.

However, keep in mind that the cheat code to activate this code would be sent to you by Airtel, so not everyone would be lucky enough to enjoy this package on Airtel.

Regardless, you can check to confirm if you are eligible for the offer by dialing *141*242#. Once you dial the code, there would be numerous offers shown on your mobile phone screen.

3. Unlimited 3G Pack

You can use this offer for 25 days after activation using the cheat code made available by Airtel. To activate this code, all you have to do is dial *688#, then follow the on-screen prompt to enjoy this unlimited offer for 25 days with just N300 for just 1GB.

The data volume is N300 for 1GB, but it lasts for 25 days which is a fair offer.

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There are many cheat codes available on Airtel 3G LTE network. In this article, I made sure to list all the cheat codes available on Airtel 3G.