Rules for Using Cell Phones at Work

The use of cell phones is very good at any particular point in time, but there are some places you should minimize the use of cell phones, one such place is at your workplace.

The use of cell phones at work should be during leisure, or if it is a matter of urgency, not during work hours, unless of course, your work involves using your cell phone.


  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY: you don’t wait for the employee to ban the use of cell phones before you limit yourself, using a phone excessively can equally collide with your productivity.  You can achieve this by keeping your phone in the drawer and checking it occasionally to make sure you have not missed important calls
  • TURN OF YOUR RINGER: you might be wondering how you will know when a call comes in, you can simply put your phone on vibration and either put it on your pocket or your drawer. This will draw less attention to you from your colleagues, down to your boss.
  • USE YOUR CELL PHONE FOR IMPORTANT CALLS ONLY: this is as simple as it sounds. During working hours, any casual conversation should be kept aside, you can as well inform anyone who might call for every little thing that you will not be taking calls from work, alternatively, you can always ask them to drop an SMS for you.
  • LET YOUR VOICEMAIL PICK UP YOUR CALLS: instead of subjecting yourself to picking calls all the time, you can simply set up your phone to have them go to your Voicemail, then reply to the important ones at your leisure.
  • FIND A PRIVATE PLACE TO MAKE CELL PHONE CALLS: that you are on break does not mean that you should disturb everyone with your calls, find a place where those working during the break will not be disturbed and keep your voice down, especially while discussing personal issues
  • DON’T LOOK AT YOUR PHONE DURING MEETING: if it is not something relating to the meeting, there is no point looking at your phone, it is not ethical. Checking your social media news feeds, the post status is not allowed during meetings, if you really have a very genuine reason to use your phone during the meeting, kindly excuse yourself.

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