Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada

Many people move to Canada with the idea of living in Canada permanently. This is normal as people want to enjoy the benefits accrued to the country long term. Some people move to Canada to settle down permanently while growing their businesses or working. If you wish to stay in Canada permanently, you will enjoy universal healthcare system, employment opportunities, friendly natives, beautiful scenery, and security of life and property. These are things you get to enjoy long-term if you wish to live in Canada permanently.

If you have plans of staying in Canada as a permanent resident holder, you will first have to get the confirmation of permanent residence. This is a very important document as it helps stabilize your proof as a permanent resident and gives you the chance to acquire the permanent resident card.


Do you want to know more about the confirmation resident card and what it’s used for? You made it to the right post, as I will be going into detail about the confirmation of residence in Canada.

What is Confirmation of Permanent Residence Used for?

Confirmation of residence has many uses in Canada. It’s very important in guaranteeing your stay in the country, the reason it’s advisable to keep it safe. The Confirmation of Residence is a document issued by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This signifies that you are eligible and have met all the requirements for a permanent resident.


With the Confirmation of Permanent Residence, you earn the right to live and work in Canada for a long time. Also, with the COPR, you can apply for your permanent resident card.

What Information is Included in Confirmation of Permanent Residence

The confirmation of permanent residence is considered very important and it contains some information about you. Here are some of the information contained in the confirmations of permanent residence:

  1. Your name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your passport photograph
  4. Your sex
  5. Your marital status (If married or in a common-law relationship)
  6. The number of family members following you to Canada.
  7. The date you became a permanent resident in Canada
  8. The period you were asked to remain in Canada
  9. Any condition placed on your permanent residence (in situations where you are mandated not to do certain jobs due to security reasons)
  10. The office that processed your application
  11. The date your document was given to you.

However, you must know that your Confirmation of Permanent Residence won’t be used for any sort of traveling; hence, you need to get a permanent residence card for your traveling purposes. You can always apply for a permanent residence card using your COPR at any Canadian visa office.

Can I Replace My Confirmation of Permanent Resident Status When it Lost?

No, you can’t replace your confirmation of permanent resident status once you lose it. You have lost it permanently; however, you can use Verification of Status (VOS). Verification of Status is a document that can also be used to show proof of permanent residence.


It serves the same purposes as COPR and can always be used to prove your status in cases where you are necessary; like applying for social benefits or contact with security agencies.

Final Thoughts

The confirmation of permanent residence is very important during your stay in Canada. However, once you lose it, you won’t be able to retrieve it again. The confirmation of permanent residence is very important and has amazing benefits like using it to get your permanent resident card and you using it to maneuver your way when intercepted by security agents. It contains important information about you as can be seen above.

Do you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada and you are wondering what is the benefit of confirmation of permanent residence? In this article, I went into detail about all you need to know about the confirmation of permanent residence.