10 Easy Ways to Immigrate into Canada

10 Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2024 Canada is one of the best countries in the world to immigrate to. There is a security of life and property, high life expectancy, good quality of living, and there is an opportunity at every turn. Immigrating to Canada to either study, work, or tour is quite … Read more

True Immigration Facts About Proof of Funds for Canada

proof of funds for canada immigration

Canada is one of the best countries to live, work, and study in. The people are naturally receptive and Canada is known for its multicultural setting, which makes it easy to adapt to the country. Hence, it’s normal that the country welcomes tourists in their millions every year and some people have plans of settling … Read more

Study and Work in Canada: Everything You Must Know

Study and Work in Canada

Studying in Canada comes with lots of benefits and freedom. The country is safe, the standard of living is affordable, there is a high life expectancy, there is a universal healthcare system and there are employment opportunities at every end. Canada prides itself as one of the leading countries when it comes to education which … Read more

Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada

confirmation of permanent residence

Many people move to Canada with the idea of living in Canada permanently. This is normal as people want to enjoy the benefits accrued to the country long term. Some people move to Canada to settle down permanently while growing their businesses or working. If you wish to stay in Canada permanently, you will enjoy … Read more

Application guide for Canada Postgraduate Students

Canada is one of the best countries to pursue your academic dreams. The country is among the top 3 in the world when it comes to investing in education. Hence, it’s not surprising that people trudge into the country every year to study. There are lots of opportunities you stand to gain once you are … Read more

10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for Foreign Students, 2023

Top universities in Canada

Do you wish to pursue your academics in Canada and are on the lookout for the cheapest universities available in Canada? Generally, most of the universities in Canada available for international students are affordable. Even more intriguing, there are universities in Canada that offer scholarship opportunities to international students. This is one of the reasons … Read more

How to Apply for a Canada Study Permit in 2024

Canada is a good place to live, study, and work due to its favourable condition, so it’s not surprising that people troop into the country in their numbers every year. The good thing is that the country accepts you with an open arm irrespective of your race or country, so far you are considered eligible. … Read more

How Express Entry Works in Canada

How express entry works in canada

It is no news that people from various countries of the world are striving to get access to Canada either to live, work, or study. This comes naturally because Canada is one of the best locations to live in the world. Aside from its amazing scenery, there is a security of lives and properties, a … Read more

10 Essays About Canada – Simply Facts About Canada

essays about canada

Canada is one of the best countries to live, study, and work in the world. The country has one of the best sceneries in the world and attracts thousands of tourists due to its beauty. Also, there is the security of lives and properties, high life expectancy, high standard of living, and opportunities are knocking … Read more

Move to Canada as a Self Employed Person in 2023

move to canada as a self employed person

It our ability to adapt would go a long way to show how easy it is for you to get used to the way of life in Canada. While applying to move to Canada as a self-employed person, each standard earns you precise points which are classified under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). A total … Read more