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Glo Data Plans 2022 And Subscription Codes

Globacom Nigeria also known as Glo is one of the best telecommunication in Nigeria when it comes to Data subscriptions. Glo is know for generously offering low cost of Data for their customers. Glo is a telecommunication owned in Nigeria by a business man Mike Adenuga. It’s the first telecommunication owned by a Nigerian Man. In this post we are going to discuss about the Glo Data Plans 2022 And Subscription Codes just the same way we discussed about MTN Data Plans And Subscription codes, Airtel Data Plans And Subscription codes and 9Mobile Data Plans And Subscription codes.

Glo Data Plans 2022 And Subscription Codes is a little different from the other Telecommunication Data plans which I have previously written about. It has low cost of data more than many other network. To subscribe to Glo Data plans, you need to first of all understand that there are different types of subscription which is offered by Glo. Let’s first look at the Glo Data plans 2022. If you don’t already have a GLO Sim, you can check out the Glo Offices Near you to get your own sim


Glo Data Plans 2022

Daily Data Plans
Weekly Data Plans
Monthly Data Plans
Night Data Plans
Weekend Data Plans
Yearly Data Plans.

Glo Data Plans 2022 And Subscription CodesNow that you know all the type of data plans offered by Glo network, let’s take a look at the plans and their subscription Codes. Please note that One data plan may have have different categories of subscriptions. For example we have many plans which is inside the daily plans and they all have their different subscription codes. Below is the list Glo Data Plans 2022 and their subscription codes.

Glo Data Plans 2022 And Subscription Codes

Glo Daily Data Plans



₦50/1 DAY


Dial *777# to Subscribe



₦100/1 DAY


Dial *777#

Glo Weekly Data Plans


₦200/2 DAYS

240MB + 110MB* = 350MB

Dial *777#


₦500/14 DAYS

800MB + 550MB* = 1.35GB

Dial *777#

Glo Monthly Data Plans


₦1000/30 DAYS

1.9GB + 1GB* = 2.9GB

Dial *777#


₦1,500/30 DAYS

3.5GB + 600MB* = 4.1GB

Dial *777#


₦2,000/30 DAYS

5.2GB + 600MB* = 5.8GB

Dial *777#


₦2,500/30 DAYS

6.8GB + 900MB* = 7.7GB

Dial *777#


₦3,000/30 DAYS

9GB + 1GB* = 10GB

Dial *777#


₦4,000/30 DAYS

12.25GB + 1GB* = 13.25GB

Dial *777#


₦5,000/30 DAYS

17GB + 1.25GB* = 18.25GB

Or Dial *777#


₦8,000/30 DAYS

27.5GB + 2GB* = 29.5GB

Dial *777#


₦10,000/30 DAYS

46GB + 4GB* = 50GB

Dial *777#


₦15,000/30 DAYS

86GB + 7GB* = 93GB

Dial *777#

There are other remaining Glo data plans which includes weekend Plans, Night Plans, Social Plans, Mega And Special Plans. Just dial *777# and select anyone you wish to go for.