Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria (Updated) 2022

Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria (Updated)
Paramilitary are those organization organized or form which looks similar to the Military but they are not Military.
Most of their training is originated from the military. That is why they are called Paramilitary.
In this post,we will be discussing about the highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria.

We have many Paramilitary which are present in Nigeria. We will be discussing about them one after the other.


We are Starting from the Highest Paid to the Lowest Paid Para military in the Nigeria.

1. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)


The Number one in our list is the Nigerian immigration Service.The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) was brought out from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in the year 1958. The purpose of the Nigeria Immigration service is to give security that can help addressing the operational difficulties of the country.
The Nigerian Immigration Service is said to be the most generously compensated paramilitary Organization in in Nigeria since they are the ones managing visa application and enlistment.
They are also the Organization responsible for permitting settlers section into the country.

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment Application Form And Portal 2022/2023


2. Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Nigeria Customs Service is the Second in my list. They are the ones in Charge of Seeing that every goods and services entering the Country are acceptable by the country’s law. The Take care of our boarders.


Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria

Sometimes, they are deployed with other security Agencies in the line of their duty to provide support and assistance if if needed.
The are all paid well since they are the ones in charge of things entering the Country.
They pay them well to make sure they carry out their duties well. They are second after The Nigeria Immigration Service.

Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) Recruitment 2022/2023

3. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is an organization which was built up as one of the Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria by the proclamation of Decree Number 48 of 1989, presently Act of Parliament.

The reason why this organization was built was to examine, indict and kill unlawful drug dealing and utilization in the country.

Since drugs was included via cartels, particularly the importation of drugs, exportation of drugs,deal, move, buy, development of drugs, assembling, extraction and ownership is generally unsatisfactory by most of the nations in the world.

NDLEA Recruitment Application Form 2022/2023

4 Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) was built to take care of the roads in Nigeria, Teach every driver the federal high way code and other driving Technics which is required as a driver. This will also Minimize the rate of Accident and reckless driving as you will be arrested if you are caught doing so.
Because of the Number of works given to them, they are equally paid well but not like other organizations mentioned above.

FRSC 2022/2023 Recruitment Application Form

5. Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

This is also an Organization in the Paramilitary in Nigeria.
NSCDC is Number 5 in my list of the highest paid Paramilitary in Nigeria. The NSCDC are always deployed along side the Nigerian Police.

NSCDC Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form

6. Nigerian Prison Service.

Some people don’t even know that the Prison Service is Part of the Para military in Nigeria. They are the Security Agency which always take care of the Prisons in the Country.
They made the List at Number 6 of the highest paid Paramilitary in Nigeria.


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