Immigration Salary With Diploma (Feb,2024)

Many people wish to join the National Immigration Service because it is one of the best paramilitary organizations in Nigeria. The organization is filled with immense opportunities, so it is not surprising that many people do their best to enroll into the paramilitary organization.

There are many ways you can move into the National Immigration Service, irrespective of the degree you are wielding. One of the ways one can join the immigration service is as a National Diploma holder. Using the National Diploma to join the Immigration Service, there is a particular salary and rank you are entitled to. 


National Diploma is also known as ND or OND. It is a certificate issued to merited students by mostly polytechnics after they have completed a 2-year program. With the National Diploma certificate, they can gain direct entry into any university that they wish for. 

There is a fixed salary and rank for those who moved into the Immigration service as a National Diploma holder. 


Do you want to know about the salary and ranking for National Diploma holders in the Nigeria Immigration Service? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will go into detail on the salary and ranking structure of National Diplomas in the Nigeria Immigration Service. 

Immigration Salary With Diploma

If you join the Nigeria Immigration Service as a National Diploma holder, there is a particular rank in the immigration you would be offered. It is important to note that National Diploma holders rank above those who have moved into the Immigration Service with SSCE. However, they rank below those who moved into the Immigration Service with HND and B.Sc certificates. 


Those who joined through the National Diploma certificate start up as Assistant Inspector of Immigration, and they are paid well for their services. The salary is expected to increase as your service in the paramilitary organization increases.

However, remember that there are certain ranks you won’t reach unless you move into the service as an HND, B.Sc holder or equivalent degree. 


National Diploma Salary

Those who moved into the Immigration Service using the National Diploma certificate are paid N95,000 and the salary is expected to rise as the years of service increase. Keep in mind that those who moved into the service with B.Sc, HND, or degrees of the same equivalence. 

Final Thoughts

Many people move into the Nigeria Immigration Service as a National Diploma holders. The salaries tend to differ depending on the degree you opted for. In this article, I went into detail on the salary and ranking of the National Diploma in Nigeria Immigration Service.