Eating Bitter Kola First Thing In The Morning Benefits

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Bitter Kolanut is a plant that has several uses, both the seeds, barks, and fruits have so many uses. This is especially so for the seed of the Bitter Kola; it has many health uses. The seeds of the Bitter Kolanut are brown and have the shape of nuts.  

Many people have been trying to learn more about the effects of eating Bitter Kolanuts; and whether the effects are positive or negative. However, it is important to note that Bitter Kolanut is a medicinal essence that has few side effects, while it has many health benefits. The seed is popular for its uses in battling health issues like virus infections and hepatitis. There are many health benefits accrued to Bitter Kola. 

While Bitter Kola has many health benefits, there have been many speculations on whether eating the seed of Bitter Kola first thing in the morning has health benefits or if it should be discouraged. This has sparked many arguments over time, as some retain that it has benefits, while others say that it has side effects. 

Do you want to know about the health benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will go into detail on eating bitter kola first thing in the morning benefits and its side effects if any. 

Eating Bitter Kola First Thing In The Morning Benefits

Bitter kola has many health benefits as it battles many diseases and aids good health. Hence, it is not surprising that many eat bitter kola first thing in the morning. If you are wondering what the health benefits of eating bitter kola in the morning are, below are the immense benefits: 

1. Bitter Kola is a great medicinal substance to be used as a purgative. 


2. Bitter Kola is used to stimulate the libido of both men and women 

3. It contains numerous chemical constituents that aid the breakdown of glycogen that is in the liver. 

4. It is used to treat malaria ailments because it contains a property known as Kolavirun. 


5. It aids with issues like exhaustion, depression, and migraines. 

6. They can be used to detoxify poisons in the body. 

7. It helps with weight loss, as it burns down excess fats in the body. If you have plans of losing weight, taking bitter kola won’t be a bad idea. 

8. It offers relief to those suffering from osteoarthritis. 

9. It helps the lungs take on the process of detoxification more effectively. 

10. It helps with cough and clearing of throats, so if you have issues with cough and wish to smoothen your voice, you should take bitter kola more frequently. 

11. It helps with constipation, as it helps get rid of excessive gas in the body. 

12. It helps with the traditional treatment of cold. 

Final Thoughts

Eating bitter kola first thing in the morning has many health benefits, so it is not surprising that many people eat bitter kola every morning. 

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