Is Bitter Kola Good For Pregnant Women? 

Bitter Kola has many health benefits, and it is one of the best medicinal substances out there. Bitter kola solves many health issues like hepatitis, virus infections, cough, cold, and inflammation, amongst many others. Bitter kola has the shape of a nut and is brown, and can be found in the tropical areas of West and Central Africa. 

Many people have been wondering if it is healthy for pregnant women to take bitter kola. Some pregnant women take bitter kola as it is believed to have many benefits; however, we tend to ignore the side effects that might stem from consuming bitter kola as an expectant mother. 


This is very valid because pregnant women are advised to know their intake during this period to avoid unnecessary side effects. There are many herbs pregnant women take during pregnancy that are healthy for them, while there are intakes that might prove dangerous for the woman and the fetus she is carrying. 

Are you a pregnant woman wondering; Is bitter kola good for pregnant women? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will go into detail on the benefits and side effects of taking bitter kola as a pregnant woman. 


Is Bitter Kola Good For Pregnant Women?

Not every pregnant woman can consume bitter kola because everyone’s body is different. They might react to consuming bitter kola while pregnant differently. Below are some of the reasons why not all pregnant women eat bitter kola: 

1. Allergies 

Many people suffer allergic reactions when taking bitter kola and this can only get worse during pregnancy due to the changes women experience. It is very important to note that before you consume bitter kola while pregnant, you should seek the advice of your doctor. This would help prevent unwarranted complications. 


2. High Blood Pressure

It is no news that bitter kola contains caffeine which can lead to a surge in blood pressure once it is consumed too much during pregnancy. High blood pressure can lead to many birth complications like the danger of premature death.  

Health Benefits of Taking Bitter Kola During Pregnancy 

There are many health benefits of taking bitter kola during pregnancy, so it is not surprising that many people take bitter kola while pregnant. However, it is necessary to know the amount of bitter kola you consume as a pregnant woman to avoid complications. Below are some of the health benefits of taking bitter kola during the pregnancy stage: 


1. It Aids Digestion

Taking bitter kola as a pregnant aids with digestion. Bitter Kola contains fiber that aids with digestion. This is very necessary because of the changes in hormones during the pregnancy stage. 

2. It Boosts the Immune System

Bitter Kola contains a huge amount of Vitamin C, which helps fight off infections and diseases, thereby boosting your immune system. This is particularly needed during pregnancy when the body needs all the protection it can get. 

3. It Reduces Inflammation 

One of the core benefits of taking bitter kola as a pregnant woman is that it reduces inflammation. If you are experiencing joint pain or swelling during pregnancy, taking bitter kola pays well; especially if you are carrying many babies. 

4. It Promotes Bone Health

Consuming bitter kola promotes bone health for a pregnant woman. Bitter Kola is very rich in calcium, which gives you all the needed nutrients for growing healthy bones throughout your pregnancy period. 

Final Thoughts

There are many health benefits of consuming bitter kola as a pregnant woman, so it is not surprising that many pregnant women are advised to consume it. However, there are also side effects of consuming bitter kola as a pregnant woman, especially if you consume too much of it. 

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