Direct Short Service Ranks And Salary ([month],[year])

Direct Short Service Ranks and Salary

Direct Short Service Commission, also popularly known as DSSC is a recruitment process spearheaded by the Armed Forces, which includes the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force. This recruitment is exclusive to graduates. So, before you opt for the Direct Short Service, you must be a graduate.  This recruitment is for individuals who have no … Read more

NDA Short Service Rank

NDA Short Service Rank

The Nigerian Defence Academy Short Service rank is a type of commission that is spearheaded by the Nigerian Military; Army, Navy, and Air Force to source for candidates who wish to be military officers in the Nigerian Armed Forces. The NDA Short Service is also referred to as the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). The … Read more

How Much Is Trainee Salary In Nigeria Navy?

How Much Is Trainee Salary In Nigeria Navy

The Nigerian Navy is one of the military branches in Nigeria that provides maritime security to the country. The navy offers training to young Nigerians who wish to join the force as officers. Many young Nigerians aspire to join the navy as officers but often wonder how much is trainee salary in Nigeria Navy. In … Read more

Nigeria Airforce Ranks And Their Salaries

Nigeria Airforce Ranks And Their Salaries

Do you want to pursue a career in the Nigeria Air Force and you want to know what the ranks and salaries look like? Or, are you out to know what the ranks and salaries look like just for knowledge’s sake? The ranks in the Nigeria Air Force defer and the same applies to the … Read more

Nigerian Navy Shortlist 2022/2023

Nigerian Navy Shortlist

It is good news to notify you that the Nigerian Navy shortlisted applicants for 2022/2023 have been released. The list includes the name of candidates who applied for the Nigerian Navy recruitment and had met the needed requirements and deserved capabilities. You can get access to the 1st and 2nd Nigerian Navy batch list by … Read more

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Training [year]

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Training

In this article, we would cover the requirements, date, venue, and time of the training. You would have a clear view of all you need to Know about Nigerian airforce recruitment training. The training date for the Nigerian airforce recruitment training has been announced by the Nigerian Airforce. If you are an applicant you have … Read more

Military Schools in Nigeria (Updated [year])

Military Schools in Nigeria

Do you have plans to enroll your child in a military school? Just like state secondary schools and federal secondary schools, military schools also offer their students quality education. This article would give you a detailed list of military schools in Nigeria and their locations. Most of the Military schools in Nigeria are located in … Read more

Difference between Military And Paramilitary (Explained)

Sometimes people ask this question, What is the difference between Military And Paramilitary?. In this post we are going to be discussing about the major difference between the military and the Paramilitary. First of all, you need to understand what the word “Military” and “Paramilitary” means. Let’s start with the military. The simple difference is … Read more