Direct Short Service Ranks And Salary (Sep,2023)

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Direct Short Service Commission, also popularly known as DSSC is a recruitment process spearheaded by the Armed Forces, which includes the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force. This recruitment is exclusive to graduates. So, before you opt for the Direct Short Service, you must be a graduate. 

This recruitment is for individuals who have no job specifications and are solely trained to be combatants, which is unlike the SSC which has individuals like nurses, doctors, engineers, and others with normal civilian professions in the military. 

Do you want to know more about the Direct Short Service ranks and salaries in the Nigerian Military? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will be going into detail on the Nigerian Military Direct Short Service Ranks and Salaries.

Direct Short Service Ranks and Salary

Below are the Direct Short Service ranks and salaries in the Nigerian Military, for the Army, Navy, and Air Force:

Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Ranks And Salary Structure 

Below are the Salary Structures of the Nigerian Army in the Direct Short Service.

1. The lieutenant is paid N180,000
2. Captain is paid N220,000
3. Major is paid N300,000
4. Lieutenant colonel is paid N350,000
5. Colonel is paid N550,000
6. Brigadier General is paid N750,000


Nigerian Air Force Direct Short Service Ranks and Salary Structure

  • Air Commodore – is paid N677,895 Monthly Salary
  • Group Captain –  is paid N352,631 Monthly Salary
  • Wing Commander – is paid N342,586 Monthly Salary
  • Squadron Leader – is paid N248,004 Monthly Salary
  • Flight Lieutenant – is paid NN232,484monthly Salary
  • Flying Officer – is paid N218,400 Monthly Salary.

Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Salary

  • Sub Lieutenant – is paid #220,745 monthly Salary
  • Lieutenant. – is paid #297,686 Monthly Salary
  • Lieutenant Commander – is paid  #351,577 Monthly Salary
  • Commander. – is paid #412,856 Monthly Salary
  • Captain. – is paid  #451,895 Monthly Salary
  • Commodore – is paid #755,349 Monthly Salary