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Glo Recharge Code (Updated 2023)

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Are you facing some problems trying to recharge your Glo line? You intend on calling a loved one but how to load airtime to your phone is hampering the whole process. This process has been made easy by a simple Glo recharge code

Not to worry, the process isn’t difficult and the process would only take a few minutes.

We would put you through how to recharge your Glo line without breaking a sweat.

Since the world has gone global and it is quite easy to communicate with your loved ones across different states, countries, and continents, just with the use of your mobile phones. Recharging your phone using the Glo recharge code makes the process seamless.

Glo Recharge Code

We would give a well-detailed rundown of the Glo recharge code that makes every airtime recharge on the Glo network an easy one:

  1. To begin with, dial *123* Recharge PIN# using your preferred Glo SIM Card.
  2. Wait patiently as the message request processes.
  3. You will get an on-screen prompt regarding the amount you just recharged. You might also get a message from Glo to show that the process was successful.

How to Recharge Glo Yakata

  1. Dial *203# on your mobile phone to join Glo Yakata.
  2. Secondly, to confirm if you have successfully migrated to the Glo Yakata plan, dial *100#
  3. Furthermore, recharge your Glo account with *123* Recharge PIN#.
  4. Use the Glo Yakata to get free 6GB and other benefits accrued to the plan.

Glo 5X Recharge Code

This is a Glo tariff plan that allows all prepaid Glo users to get 5 times the amount they recharged when they make use of the USSD code *555*.


Recharging your Glo line using the USSD code automatically migrates you to the 5X plan. On every of your recharges, you will get a 500% return.

Just dial *555* Recharge PIN# and you will get 5 times your recharge.

Do not miss out on one of the best Glo Network plans!


The Glo Recharge Code for Data

The recharge code for data is *223* Recharge PIN#. Using this method to recharge instantly purchase a data plan, depending on the amount you regarded. It helps you buy directly from the Glo Network.

How Do I Load Glo Card With Serial Number?

If you have tried all you can to load a Glo recharge card on your Glo line all to no avail or where you have over a scratched card, simply dial 121 or 200 to call the Glo line.

How Do I Convert Glo Airtime to Data?

You can convert the airtime on your phone to data so you can surf the web or download important applications. Here are the steps required:

  1. Dial *141# using your preferred Glo SIM card.
  2. Select buy data bundles or data plans
  3. The next step is to pick from daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your choice and budget.
  4. After you are through, enjoy your data as you want.

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